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  1. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    Chicago and Loving You .... all Michael singing?

    got a question about "Chicago" song! and "loving You" i have heard in some Iranian facebook pages that it's not alll :heart: Michael singing the songs! they claim someone else also sings some verses! me personally disagree! what you guys think?
  2. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    is this real Michael?

    is this pic real :heart: Michael? someone in mjphotoscollector forum told me it is Lane Lassiter !
  3. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    >>>> S.O.S. - Do You NEED HELP?

    S.O.S. (DO YOU NEED HELP?) Dedicated to alllllllll people ----------- the inspiration is the PROMISE i have given to :heart:Michael and so... then i realized there r other people who may needs help too. so i thought if we feel the same, we can help each other. (verse 1) What...
  4. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    sorry a quick question - MJ in Russia

    hey guys... a quick question. anyone knows the names of hotels which :heart:Michaelstayed in while He was in Russia? sorry i know it may not be thr right question i nthe right time BUT one of my friends is there and she wishes to visit places touched by His steps on sat. thanx in advance. :)
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    to all MJ fans... [Support Thread]

    i shortly wanted to say, another year, another month withOUT the one we all so love. this is the most painful month of the year for all of us. :( :cry: so i simply wish you allllllllllllllllllll peace and comfort in these painful hurtful days. :angel: :huggy: :hug: lots of...
  6. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    ~ * ~ the most beautiful painting.... of ♥Michael ~ * ~

    the most beautiful painting i have seen in my entire life: so alive, so true ... like it is real. full of emotion, feelings and... the pain. simply so much to tell, to express it has. Very heartfelt, very emotive , just more than a painting it is. how very alive. the painter is a true...
  7. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    is this story true about Michael?

    it might be old and u already have discussed... so u may shortly answer it >>> NO/YES please. i post the beginning only... It was nearly 1am on a cold November night and the runway at Luton airport was...
  8. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    They cage the animals at night ... the book.

    i found this on the internet. They cage the animals at night At a glance: * Author: Jennings Michael Burch * First Published: 1984 * Time of Work: 1949–1952 * Setting: New York City * Principal Characters: Jennings Michael Burch, Rita Catherine Hogan Burch, Walter...
  9. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    United State of America TV Rules! HUH?!???????

    well... as far as i am concerned there r some words which get "Beeeeeep" on the national TV of USA and on soap oprah too. like the F word and the S word. i've watched friends and they never utter those words... no S word ever but "shoot" instead! or crap! but there r these other words they...
  10. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    >>> is this true....? propofol? drink?!

    i just heard something from a friend that shocked me to death. it might have been discussed but i do need to know asap. is it true that Murry's team has claimed :heart:Michael has drank propofol? and that it has been found in His stomach? that He actually had drank it by himself a couple of...
  11. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    "MICHAEL" - why no year is mentioed in the booklet?

    ain't it weird that there is no year for no song (none of the 10 ones) of that album i nthe booklet? the year each was written and when recorded? do u guys have any info regarding that? about each song? :) and... If it has been discussed, could u pelase lead me to the thread...
  12. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    ~ * ~ do u guys feel You are changed since Michael's left us?

    well... i feel alot more lonelier. problems seem huger now... i give up easily. i don't try hard. things are a lot more hurting now. little things tortures me, which once none used to. and i am a lot more sentisive. i cry easily... everything to this loss can makes me weep wherever...
  13. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    a problem with saving picture... coudl someone help please...

    hey guys... well, i have this problem with my "internet explorer". when i wanna save pictures... it saves most of them as bitmat although the original format of the picture is jpg or gif. and the format saved really is mess. while with Mozilla Firefox, there is no such problem. i...
  14. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    ~* ~ Pray for Persia.... for Iran, please. (the 2nd day has come)

    tomorow Iran is gonna try once again for PEACE and JUSTICE. i have no idea how many r to come out and protest but i know there is gonna be a violet security against it; gaurds, guns, arresting, .... there are very serious warning, yet people r to GO and fight. i will. pray... that just like...
  15. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    Say It In One Word...ONLY.

    do u really not feel that u need to SAY IT in just ONE WORD sometimes?? i really do..... actually for me, most of the time... it's just ONE WOLD. and now it is..... why? if u wanna say in just one word too, then here is ur thread! :)
  16. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    Arabs got talent! - Michael is alive in US!

    the show began today on MBC4. sadly its alll in araibc! can't understand a word! anyway..... The first competitor was a huge :heart:MJ fan from Lebanon. clearly she was a huge loytal fan. dressed in Billie Jean costume, she danced with the song and she was good, not perfect but okay...
  17. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    >>>> Approved or NOT??

    well this how it is played: a question, an action or an idea, etc is asked and then the next person replies: A for approved N for Not and so on.......... i begin: Suicide:
  18. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    A-Z .... of any food? :-)

    it can be a type of food, or meal, a fruit, junk food, sweets, a particular brand, drinks, sandwiches, Fast Foods, any spice, Dairy products, etc ...... SIMPLY anything that u push down Your throat and swallow through Your esophagus into ur stomach! ;) enjoy! :) i begin with A Apple!
  19. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    What are You eating?

    such thread used to be here years ago... i think it got lost! anyway... I'm having Snickers right now! trying not to have the whole bar!
  20. MarriedtoMichaelinmyheart

    ~ * ~ Goodnight ♥Michael * ~ * Good morning ♥Michael ~ * ~

    i recall there used be this thread "Good night :heart:Michael" here, but i couldn't find it; even with the search system! i wonder if its removed or it may not be in this section no more. anyway.... this is the Goodnight/Good morning thread for anyone who wishes to begin their day by saying...