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  1. mjchris

    Amazon Holidays Commercial Song 2018 – Can You Feel It

    <header class="st-post-header st-clr"> Online retailer Amazon has now released their big TV commercial for the 2018 Holiday season and it sees the return of those smiley, singing boxes. </header> Short TV Version:
  2. mjchris

    Dirty Diana Rehearsal (This is it, DVD/Blu-ray, France only)

    i'm still searching for the feature "Dirty Diana Rehearsal" from 'This is it'. to my knowledge only available on the French Blu-ray and DVD Versions. i'm searching for the blu-ray. in 2010 there was a thread about this...
  3. mjchris

    'Ripples and Waves' An Introduction To The Jackson Five - Infos needed

    ok. im searching for the CD ' 'Ripples and Waves' An Introduction To The Jackson Five ' this is the cover... the infos on discogs are false.... it does not have the barcode 601215717020, and...
  4. mjchris

    Xscape - The Lyrics

    This will be the thread with all the lyrics of the upcoming release 'Xscape'. It will look like the earlier threads, with the lyrics for the albums Michael & Bad 25. Hopefully with the same involvement and enthusiasm of so much people, like we had on 'Michael' & 'Bad 25'. But hey, i'm 100% sure...
  5. mjchris

    Michael Jackson - The final days (Anderson Cooper, CNN) 2 NEW VERSIONS!

    i thought i also post this request here, cause not everyone have access to the 2000 Watts second. i think so. there were shown 2 new versions of "Michael Jackson - The final days", the first one on septemer 29 2013, and the second one on october 5 2013. the first was with footage before the...
  6. mjchris

    Katherine Jackson vs. AEG Live - Pictures / Videos (no discussion)

    i think its good to have a thread with the videos about the trial. here we go.... so far... 2013.04.02 6f8EfVKmC0E OeAeQ6h8s7c vbb0FpkO9bQ dBcpHN-KciM 4SLL0AcvnWY 2013.04.03 9bOmiVejN7A 2013.04.04 npE3NeAPqLs
  7. mjchris

    Musicians From Michael Jackson's BAD Tour Recall Their Experiences

    i dont know if there is allready a thread for. but i cant find it. there is an interview with the musicans from the bad tour, and the video should be on a 25 anniversary edition. what 25 anniversary edition? on the bad 25 boxset is nothing about that. the video...
  8. mjchris

    This is it (Blu ray, French Edition, Exclusive Content)

    I'm searching for the Blu ray, French Edition with the exclusive footage that comes with this release: Dirty Diana & Smooth Criminal can someone please tell me how this blu ray looks like and what the barcode is?
  9. mjchris

    Michael Jackson talks to Isabelle Adjani (1984 Interview)

    There was a tape sold on ebay a few days ago... the seller says its 4 hours long. And the content is this interview, with Isabelle Adjani. Iin 2009, on june 26, there was a radio special. i'm not sure if thats all they had...
  10. mjchris

    Bad 25 - What's your Favourite Song ? ... and why? + Poll

    Now after we have all 6 new songs, the simple question is... What is your favourite Song of BAD 25? Don't be messin' 'round I'm So Blue Song Groove (A/K/A Abortion Papers) Free Price Of Fame Al Capone Why? What is your rating for each new Song? 1 - 5, 5 is BEST (ONLY the new songs, not...
  11. mjchris

    Bad 25 - The Lyrics

    This will be the thread with all the lyrics of the upcoming release "Bad 25". It will look like the last thread with the lyrics of the album "Michael", Michael - The Lyrics . Hopefully with the same involvement and enthusiasm of so much people, like we had on "Michael". But hey, i'm 100% sure it...
  12. mjchris

    HIStory Acetate? (Early/Alternate Versions)

    does someone know more about this? is that real or fake? Description: MICHAEL JACKSON HIStory (1994 studio CDr) / rarest CD with the song...
  13. mjchris

    The girl is mine 2008 - Acetate (REAL?)

    Michael Jackson - The Girl Is Mine 2008 with Will.I.Am 2008 Sony BMG Switzerland Promo CD Comes in a clear PVC sleeve and custom printed acetate disc Tracklisting: 1. Radio Track 3:10 2. Club Mix 3:25 Source...
  14. mjchris

    What more can I give - Acetate CDr

    mjjtradefan is selling this Acetate on Ebay... The Version of What more can I give is called "New Mix". Does someone know how this version sounds? Is it different? Duration...
  15. mjchris

    Someone put your hand out (Promo CD Single, Japan) on Auction, FAKE?

    i have found this auction today. there are several pictures of the item in the auction. but there is one important thing. the back. cause there are FAKES out there. and you can see it on the...
  16. mjchris

    "Starlight-Acetate Prom LP" for SALE

    is this real? the price is heavy. :puke:
  17. mjchris

    Be aware...

    first, sorry admins and mods that i'm posting this in this forum. i hope i dont get much troubles for this. but thats a VERY IMPORTANT WARNING! Be aware of the user MrPhillip. Here and maybe on other forums. i never contacted him, never asked for anything, or even talked to him. here is what...
  18. mjchris

    Slapstick (FULL Version)

    for the first time... Slapstick, one of the Thriller demos, in FULL. :punk: ezenfHrNkDE *waiting for a WAV file* :P
  19. mjchris

    "30 years Wetten dass...?"-3 DVD Box incl. Performance of Earth Song

    Since yesterday November 4, 2011, exactly 16 years after Michael Jackson did his incredible performance of "Earth Song" in the german TV show "Wetten dass...?", a new 3 DVD Boxset is released and available. DVD quality, without any logos! ZuCJzHgAxsE available on Amazon,or on local...
  20. mjchris

    Michael Jackson's "Anti-gravity Illusion shoes" - Patent drawings

    i dont know if this was postet here before. the search function said "no". These are the patent drawings of Michael Jackson's shoes he wore on World-Tour. HQ-DOWNLOAD (higher resolution): JPEG: MJ's Anti-gravity illusion shoes-Patent drawings 01 MJ's...