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    Why is there a prevailing notion that record companies don't cheat artists?

    What is it about record companies that make some people see them as innocent? There are so many stories from artists, that are not happy stories for the artists. To be frank, I have yet to hear a happy one. And believe me, I'm searching. There's the notion that there's no such thing as a savvy...
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    What's Your Favorite word to Hate?

    It can be the same word as somebody else picked, or it can be a different word. Let me gleefully christen this maiden voyage with the word 'awesome'. If i hear '(bleeping) awesome' one more time, I will personally purchase a voodoo doll and perform some warcraft on it and tape over the mouth...
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    Lauryn Hill Issued Eviction Lawsuit By New Jersey Landlord

    This week has been quite eventful for Lauryn Hill. In addition to making claims as to why she stopped paying taxes, the Grammy Award-winner is also reportedly being sued by her landlord for eviction. According to TMZ, Hill’s South Orange, NJ landlord has filed an eviction lawsuit in response to...
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    George Duke--- The Other Quincy Jones

    I always thought this guy is what Quincy Jones would like to sound like if he didn't have his aneurism and could still play. He probably would like to play (and sing) like this. Does anyone agree with me that George's production sound is so like Quincy's? (George is the one on the keyboards) Of...
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    Anybody need an alarm clock? I got some Prince remake for ya.

    Yeah..i know there's a Prince thread here somewhere, but I was hoping to get ppl's attention, first, then, yall can put this in his thread....(if it's
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    The Voice Of Axl Rose

    I'm big on musical instruments that are anomalies. Something really great that goes beyond explaining. I think that about Michael Jackson's singing voice. I think that about Axl Rose's singing voice. How high can his voice go? It's really strong, and very unique even among rock and roll...
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    The Umpteenth 'Who Invented The Moonwalk' Article, but It's the 30th Anniversary...

    Of Michael's Motown 25 Performance, And I Have Something To Say. On goes the parade of trying to discredit Michael Jackson. I didn't want to put the Yahoo title as my own. I believe the word 'invent' is overrated. I believe the Motown 25 performance is Michael's original perfect storm. It...
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    Joey DeFrancesco, jazz organist tributes Michael Jackson and more..for music instrument geeks

    A three in one treat. Joey, who's also a singer, plays, proves that good music crosses all genres. in this vid, Joey shows respect to Michael, and speaks of others of his contemporaries, and speaks of musical instruments that those of us who are interested in them, could truly appreciate...
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    Today is the anniversary of when Biggie was tragically taken from us

    I believe he is the greatest rapper of all time. Please post your music vids and/or thoughts of him here, in his memory if you agree with me, or if he's one of your favs. I'll be posting one or some, soon. If my memory serves me correctly, of all the rappers Michael worked with, Biggie's the...
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    Bullied Boy Dies
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    Doctors report first cure of HIV in a child For the first time, doctors are reporting that they have cured a child of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The landmark finding will help scientists better...
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    Anyone watching the grammys...

    If it's ok with you, could you record Chick Corea's performance and let me know what part of the Grammys, timewise, he peforms. I have not been able to watch the grammys ever since there has been no Michael on them. This request is just for anyone who is still able to watch the broadcast from...
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    Is this a Michael Jackson tribute performer at end of Dr.Pepper commercial?

    Can anyone tell me? I believe it's the first of a series of videos for their commercials.
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    MJJC X Factor

    One or more of these contestants is an MJJC member..but not all of them are. If you know which one or more is, please don't tell. lol :D There will be one elimination round. Curiosity blooms on what yall think (in votes..the site allows one vote per day per any one contestant) of these...
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    What Do You Think Is The Best Intro For A Song You Heard?(Not including MJ. He's got many)

    Come up with as many as you wish. lol. (outros can also be included, too, if you wish.) lol..nuff said
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    Reasons For The Art of Lip Synching

    i thought it was worth making a thread about why an artist might lip synch. 1. if there is no time for a soundcheck. 2. if an artist is established, has many fans, but is hated by the media, and venue owners are easily influenced by the media, but want to make a mint off the artist, because the...
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    For NFL Fans: What Do You Think Of Tim Tebow?

    I think he is the type that will slip into the role of leader, anywhere he goes, by osmosis...a never ending series of perfect storms.
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    AEG is for sale, and why I think it's Karma for its owner for his maltreatment of Michael Jackson DENVER & LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Anschutz Company and AEG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Company, today announced that the Anschutz Company is commencing a process to sell AEG. AEG is one of...
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    Which revenue do you susscribe to? Watching a site with ads or paying for a subscription?

    In music, in watching tv, or anything do you prefer buying songs on iTunes, or listening to a service that has ads? For me, it varies. If I am in the mood, I will listen to a service with ads. If not, I will buy songs on iTunes. Maybe i should have made a poll for this, but i couldn't...
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    So..What will you be doing for Michael Jackson day?

    If there is a similar thread, please merge them. lol. I tried to find out if there was, then i got tired, looking. lol For's going to be listening to a flock of Michael music, just like i did, today. Other than that, I have no idea. But every day is his day to me, but on that day i can...