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  1. J_Cat

    Michael's owned and worn vest up for auction. Help me find pictures of MJ wearing it!

    Hey guys! It's been a long time since I was online here...but if anyone can help me it's you guys! I saw this vest auctioned off at It's was owned and worn by Michael and then gifted to Bill Bray in the 80s. I do not doubt its authenticity but I was wondering if anyone here can...
  2. J_Cat

    Wanna donate some neckties? Fun project ^^

    This is just a long shot but I thought I could ask you guys :) I have this idea to make a skirt out of neckties! A followup on that one is to get ties from different places of the world. And what a better place to seek for them but here on the boards! I must say that if someone thinks that...
  3. J_Cat

    Heath Ledger would have turned 30 today :(

    On this day, 30 years ago, on April 4th 1979 the wonderful and talented actor Heath Ledger was born. It is so sad that he didn't reached the age of 30...he was so young..:( I discouvered Heath Ledgers talent very late. I knew he had starred in movies such as A knight's tale and Brokeback...
  4. J_Cat

    How to contact Ticketmaster?! :o

    I am from Sweden and I need to contact Ticketmaster about my address. I didn't fill in my postal code stupid I know but I got stressed. I can not find a phone number anywhere WHICH WORKS and no email address. I can not relax until I know my address is correct. Help is appreciated
  5. J_Cat

    Get to know the girl behind the siggys!=P

    Hello everyone!:) I thought this would be a good place to write this since I have got so many requests lately and many peeps are comming back! Which is lovely! Maybe you think it's "overrated" to start a whole new thread about this issue...well i don't care:P I hope (and think) some people...
  6. J_Cat

    Do you have any HQ pics of Robbie Williams?

    I have found it quite hard to find pics I like in HQ so I thought I could ask. I would most like to have pics from his videos "Rock DJ" or "Let me entertain you". Bare chest pics are most welcome xD Hope you can help:)
  7. J_Cat

    Are you good at Photshop Imageready? I have a question

    Hiya! I have a question about Imageready. I make animated pics once in a while, using gif. pictures. Example: Let's say I have a picture of Michael as a background of a siggy. Then I want to add a gif. picture as an animation in one corner. Do I really have to add every single frame/...
  8. J_Cat

    Happy Birthday Jake Gyllenhaal! <3

    I just wanted to make sure everyone here got to know that the fantastic and flaweless actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, has turned 28 today! :D Everyting from the scizofrenic little boy Donnie Darko, to the sensetive cowboy Jack one thing Jake can not do on the silver screen. Jake is one of...
  9. J_Cat

    Wanted! Certain Robbie Williams pics. Help Plz

    Hello there everyone:) I don't know if anyone can help me but it doesn't hurt to ask. I am looking for HQ/ High resolution pictures of Robbie Williams from his video "Let me entertain you". Full body pics are preferable but any kind of pics would be great! I am not into Robbie that much at all...
  10. J_Cat

    I can make siggys and avatars for You! =)

    New times requires new design! So here's my new first introduction post ^^ Name:...............Stephanie From:................Gothenburg, Sweden Fan since:..........2000 Photoshoppin':....For about 6 years I am here to make just about anything Photoshop related for you :) If you have...