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    Do you believe in life after death?

    Wow, some of you guys' answers are amazing.. I do believe. I also couldn't stand the fact that Michael could just be...gone. Not somebody that special.
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    LL Cool J Talks About Working With MJ

    awwwww. loved it. thanks :)
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    Quincy Jones' Latest Interviews *Update Post 25*

    ^ true. rap would not have done Michael any justice :no:
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    VH1's '100 Greatest Music Artists of All Time', airs September 6, 2010-Vote: post 26.

    yeah, I've heard Hey Jude and All You Need Is Love :yawn: But I'll try the other ones u mentioned! Thanks And yes, I totally agree on everything else u said
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    Vote for Michael's songs as best songs ever!

    oh...I figured it out :)
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    Vote for Michael's songs as best songs ever!

    Billie Jean is at #1...but I cant figure out how to vote...ugh!
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    Ne-Yo updates Michael Jackson's 'The Way You Make Me Feel' video in new 'One in a Million' clip: Wat

    umm, I like the vid and the song but I really like how they called Michael's homies "a posse of dancing goons" in the article LOL!
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    Quincy Jones' Latest Interviews *Update Post 25*

    ^ I still havent even listend to, or seen the video of WATW 25 lol!
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    VH1's '100 Greatest Music Artists of All Time', airs September 6, 2010-Vote: post 26.

    Ummmmm, Michael will always be #1. I feel like I'm not saying it just cause I'm a fan- but because it's true. Michael impacted all races- the Beatles were more of a "white america" group. Nobody in my entire family, from grandparents to great aunts- none of them really like the Beatles- but we...
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    David Gest's Funny MJ Stories

    I love that book, and I like David. BTW- I think that story about falling on the crotch was about a different "Michael" in the book, not MJ. I'll have to look it up, but I'm pretty sure it wasnt MJ
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    Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story movie..

    i HATE that movie!-I could never sit through the while thing, And the preview channel was playing it all the time last year. UGH!!!!- people were watching it and thinking it was real! I dont know how/if the maker of that movie and everyone involved can call themselves a fan. They should let me...
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    Lady in my life

    ooooh I looove this song! Oh I wish I was a fly on the wall for this recording :yes:
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    Happy 52nd birthday michael!

    Happy Birthday Michael. You came to us from God, and he took you way too soon. I'll ALWAYS love and miss you-more than I can describe. My biggest hope is that you are at peace, and laughing that amazing laugh of yours all the time. You have the best fans in the world-and they are the best for a...
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    Chef says mj home was happy

    wow..what an amaaazing man :(
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    This is going to sound so stupid I know ; Michael "inspires" me to be a mother

    not stupid AT ALL! He inspires me in soooooooooooooooo many ways- as I'm sure he does 99.99999% of the members! lol
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    So Eminem DID stick up for MJ after all?

    UGh!!! the point is when he was making the video- he obviously found it HILARIOUS! If it was so funny to him then, what made him change his mind?? I dont even care if he apologized or not. He had no sympathy when he was making it He'll continue to make fun of people in front of the whole world...
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    I just HATE this so much.

    yeah, that's never happened in my family- and they're lucky it hasnt!! :P But yeah, it sucks when there are people who have "made their mind up" about's like "HELLO, you got your info from tabloids!!! They're all wrong!!!" I usually try to turn it around on people, like what would...
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    MJ's Bodyguard Answering Fans Questions

    Im excited for the release :yes: