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  1. xo_lola_xo

    MJ Song of the Moment

    What's your Michael song of the moment? :chillin: Mine: Dirty Diana. :wub: It is unbelievable how genius and how sexy that song is. His voice, the lyrics, the music..everything! "You'll never make me stay so take your weight off of me I know your every move so won't you just let me be I've...
  2. xo_lola_xo

    Follow me and I'll follow back!

    Hey guys! :wild: I've totally been (in my opinion) a bad MJ fan. I haven't been here in a while but now I'm back and I want to immerse myself into the MJ fan community and possibly make some MJ fan friends :wub: Follow me on twitter on @loreleiSJ and I will follow you back, just remember to...
  3. xo_lola_xo

    I feel like a bad fan..

    I feel guilty and like I'm a bad fan. I didn't cry yesterday during the procedure and..I didn't react strongly to the picture..I just felt numb, nothing really registered, apart from the email that Kenny read out - I felt like the email was going to get me emotional so I walked out of the room...
  4. xo_lola_xo

    This makes me happy.

    Check out who is the 3rd most played artist. :wub:
  5. xo_lola_xo

    How DISGUSTING is this? It's basically too late to do something now I think but it's horrific. Omg. What has this got to do with Michael? These idiots keep bringing his name into crap. Sorry. It just made me sad.
  6. xo_lola_xo

    MJ Related Pet Peeves

    This is not a thread about things that annoy you that Michael did, it's things related to him. Here is one of mine - * When a MJ documentary that lasts about an hour talks about his life in the Jackson 5 and Jacksons for like 45 minutes and then at the end it goes.. "Oh and then he...
  7. xo_lola_xo

    The most incredible tribute I've ever seen...

    This is what I call motivation.
  8. xo_lola_xo

    Dress michael up!

  9. xo_lola_xo

    How AMAZING are these Shakira lyrics?

    You won't regret it. Reminds of MJ's 80s rock, for some reason. Translation available on the video : Splendid...
  10. xo_lola_xo

    Baby stabbed to death...

    I skim read this. I can't read it all...I can't believe what children suffer at the hands of adults...sick... Baby stabbed to death at flat named Baby stabbed to death at flat named Enlarge photo...
  11. xo_lola_xo

    Let's bring the love back.

    Quiet frankly, I miss the old MJJC (pre-June 2009) very much. We were a family. We were so wonderful to each other and we were so loving, compassionate and respectful. What happened? I don't know about any of you guys but I think if we have a thread where people could promise to help...
  12. xo_lola_xo

    Neyo calls music 'shallow', says Michael wanted music to be 'magical' Ne-Yo says music today is “shallow, hollow and thin”. The R&B musician is one of America’s most talented stars, having stormed the international charts with his own records as well as those he wrote for singers...
  13. xo_lola_xo

    MJJC is a life saver.

    Michael Joseph Jackson community is a life saver. It saved me because I don't know how I would have coped without it during the horrific year of 2009. I just wanted to take the time out to say a little and very overdue thank you to the ENTIRE community. The mods and the members. I think our...
  14. xo_lola_xo

    Isn't this just one of the greatest videos ever? You have to be impressed by that.
  15. xo_lola_xo

    Where is your voice? (A poem I wrote for Michael)

    I wrote this during mid-June. I love you Michael. :cry: Where Is Your Voice? Where is your voice? Where is it? I cannot hear it thus how shall I breathe it? Is it combined in the whistles and the breeze Or in the single falling leaves? Where is your voice? Where is it? How do you say...
  16. xo_lola_xo

    Shakira's song for FIFA 2010.

    Don't you just love it? It's also a song as part of her campaign for free education for all. God, I LOVE SHAKIRA. :wub:
  17. xo_lola_xo

    Another possibility and motive.

    Just before I ask the questions, I want to set straight my beliefs and these are : *Michael Jackson, unfortunatly, is dead * Conrad Murray murdered him I also want to ask : - was there several needle marks around Michael's neck and/or around his body? If the answer to that question is positive...
  18. xo_lola_xo

    My religion teacher sexually abused two girls...

    in my class... _______________________ Religion teacher facing jail after using web to seduce pupil Mar 14 2010 Exclusive by Lynn Mcpherson, Sunday Mail...
  19. xo_lola_xo

    Beyonce fans "among least intelligent." Beyonce fans 'among least intelligent but Beethoven fans are cleverest' Your taste in music reflects your intelligence with fans of Beyonce among the most...
  20. xo_lola_xo

    One of the best MJ tributes on youtube.

    Or the best... because it shows all sides of Michael : the popstar, the father, the child, the humanitrian.