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  1. Prince Of Pop

    History vs Invincible head to head.

    1 Scream vs Unbreakable 2 They don’t care about us vs heartbreaker 3 Stranger in Moscow vs invincible 4 This time around vs break of dawn 5 Earth Song vs heaven can wait 6 D.S vs you rock my world 7 Money vs butterflies 8 Come together vs speechless 9 You are not alone vs 2000 watts 10 Childhood...
  2. Prince Of Pop

    Best Human Nature live performance?

    There really isn't a Human Nature performance I don't like. He sang live on every one. The vocals for This Is It is some of the best IMO. Despite it being his last days, he still had it. That voice was as good as it ever was
  3. Prince Of Pop

    What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    Which is dumb considering how popular that video game franchise is. Michael sure signed off on it considering B.J and WBSS are both on that sound track, and was released years before he passed.
  4. Prince Of Pop

    Predict which MJ track will have the next popularity surge

    It's gonna be You Are Not Alone. There's a new "tiktok" video going round, using the intro into the 1st verse of it, and seems to be catching fire.
  5. Prince Of Pop

    What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    I'd put Hot Street on the GTA 6 soundtrack when it eventually gets released. If the rumors are true about the GTA universe going back to Vice City, I think the song would be fitting....especially with it's 80s vibe to it.
  6. Prince Of Pop

    What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    I'm fine with something involving the Weeknd, so long as it's done right..... IE Love Never Felt So Good with Justin Timberlake.
  7. Prince Of Pop

    What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    I think we'll see songs that were leaked online, which I'm fine with. They'll be digitally remastered so that will be a plus from the original leaked ones from years past that don't sound too good. Hopefully these make the cut Hotstreet Niteline Carousel (full version) Got The Hots Lady In My...
  8. Prince Of Pop

    What were the original planned singles for Invincible?

    I think had Michael not made it known, he was leaving Sony after Invincible, things would have been different. I think Sony deliberately sabotaged the promotion of the album, hence why they overruled Michael and released YRMW 1st. They knew if Unbreakable was released first, as it should have...
  9. Prince Of Pop

    Thriller 40th anniversary

    Not happy yet another re-packaged Thriller edition is coming out, especially since they ignored Off The Wall, Dangerous and HIStory for their milestone anniversaries. That said, as long as the "never before heard" tracks that come with this are not contemporized too badly, (IE Xscape, A Place...
  10. Prince Of Pop

    We are the problems of The Estates releases and why is the biopic called "Michael"?

    Are we 100% sure a biopic is actually coming? April fools day was 11 days ago...just sayin
  11. Prince Of Pop

    Is there such a thing as a bad MJ song, album or performance?

    Girlfriend- Just a bad song overall. Even Paul's version with Wings was bad. If You Don't Love Me- one of his worst songs never to be released, and I'm glad. It sounds like a rejected boy band song. Very cringeworthy.
  12. Prince Of Pop

    Is there such a thing as a bad MJ song, album or performance?

    On The Line is a great song, and FYI, of course he sounds like Babyface.....the song WAS written by Babyface.
  13. Prince Of Pop

    What are your top 5 songs that Michael really should have performed in concert but for some reason never did?

    1. Give In To Me 2. I Can't Help It 3. Whatever Happens 4. Someone Put Your Hand Out 5. Butterflies
  14. Prince Of Pop

    Bring this song out.

    The Way You Love Me was also on TUC, and was re-released on the Michael album. I agree that We've Had Enough should be re-released....especially with everything going on in this world the last couple years.
  15. Prince Of Pop

    Invincible's tracklist and how it was still a major setback for the album

    Personally, I think adding Rodney's touches to the album didn't help it in the long run. I think he's extremely overrated. Most of the best tracks from this era were left off the album. Michael telling Sony he wasn't renewing his contract with them also didn't help either...thus killed the...
  16. Prince Of Pop

    There are 4 types of MJ fans, do you agree?

    I was born in 78, remember hearing Michael on radio in the early 80s, Loved the Bad album, but when Dangerous came out.....I was a fan for life. I would say my fandom of Michael started when I was born, just a year before his adult solo career got going. I like the J5 stuff, but not as much as...
  17. Prince Of Pop

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Yeah I wasn't too impressed either. Take My Breath seems to be the only one I like from that album. It's gonna be one of those albums I'm going to need to listen to several times to see if I really like it or not. The concept of it being a radio station is interesting....and I love that Jim...
  18. Prince Of Pop

    History could have been better

    It's the same version, they just took the extra ad-libs at the end out for the Moonwalker version and in Moonwalker, it's a instant finish rather then a slow fade out.