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  1. eighthnoterojo

    Missing those who are not here anymore

    Hi guys, Just feeling sad because there are quite a number of MJJC members that I miss. L.J ArXter (he was in briefly, but I believe he's continued his traveling) Chichi Haven't seen Mechi in a long while (although I'm sure things are especially difficult for her, considering.) J5 doesn't...
  2. eighthnoterojo

    How much money did Sony spend on Invincible promotion?

    Hey guys, I'm in an argument with someone, and I need facts about what happened between MJ, Sony and Mottola regarding Invincible. Anyone know a good resource for facts and figures ($-wise) about this? I need to know how much $ was spent on Vince, what MJ's loans were for the album, how much...
  3. eighthnoterojo

    Was it planned to the day?

    For those who believe he was murdered, do you think everything was planned to the exact day? I was just wondering. If this was planned in advance, why would Murray be calling to have evidence in lockers and such removed on the same day. Wouldn't it have made more sense to have removed it...
  4. eighthnoterojo

    Michael's role in The Other Lover: 1985 movie - question

    Hey guys, I was watching a movie my partner had on, and it was called The Other Lover, (1985) and it starred Lindsay Wagner. I looked it up on the net for some info, and noticed that Michael is supposed to have a cameo role in it. I didn't see him in it. Has anyone else seen this movie? If so...
  5. eighthnoterojo

    Responses to CBC News article about Memorial

    Hey guys, There's a place at the bottom of this article where posters can give their two cents worth on the memorial etc.. It irks me how many disrespectful comments there are. There's a thumbs up or down so that one can agree or disagree with a post. Would any of you mind thumbing up the good...
  6. eighthnoterojo

    Where are the facts?

    Can we have a thread devoted to facts only? Or is it just that there are none confirmed yet. Because I don't understand why everyone is saying MJ's death is because he was an addict, when we don't have facts yet. If there are facts, can we post them somewhere please? I can't find anything in here.
  7. eighthnoterojo

    Peru's shamans predict MJ will get stronger in 2009

    This is kinda odd, yet positive. :)
  8. eighthnoterojo

    MJ quietly moves up the Youtube ranks [Related threads merged]

    The man isn't doing a thing, yet his channel keeps on climbing up the Youtube 'charts.' I've been keeping a bit of an eye on his channel's progress, just for fun. Of course it doesn't necessarily mean all that much, but still.. I bet that if you counted up all the views of MJ vids etc. on other...
  9. eighthnoterojo

    Number one songs

    A teacher by the name of Hugo Keesing has put together a very interesting sound collage work. It consists of snippets of all the number one songs from 1956 to early 1990's using 45 rpm records, (the time when singles were available on 45s.) A fascinating and entertaining overview of pop music...
  10. eighthnoterojo

    The Police

    I always thought the name of the band was an odd choice, but I guess it's memorable at least. A lot of their music makes me wanna dance; kinda reggae-influenced dunno what. So much fun. :yes: This is probably their funkiest tune- Bed's Too Big Without You...
  11. eighthnoterojo

    What kind of tenor is Michael Jackson?

    I was wondering if any of our resident MJ experts here can tell us, what exactly is MJ's vocal range? What is his highest note, and what is his lowest? And if precise examples could be given, that would be great. I've been looking for a website with a description of MJ's vocal techniques and...
  12. eighthnoterojo

    Is it important for MJ to have another hit?

    Is it important for MJ to have another hit? And is it important that his future music receive critical acclaim and/or awards of recognition? If so, why, and just how important are these things? Which of these post-album release results are the most important? Maybe this has been asked...
  13. eighthnoterojo

    Any rap experts here? Help!

    I've been looking for a rap song that I heard on the radio recently, and I can't find it. I tried advanced googling the lyrics I remembered, but no luck. I don't remember what station it was played on either. I thought of going to a rap forum, but after checking out a couple of them I got scared...
  14. eighthnoterojo

    Current Songs You Think Are Great

    Are there any current songs that you think will stand the test of time? Which songs(s) from the past six months (preferably more recent) do you think people will still listen to (or listen to again) decades from now? Songs that can be considered top-notch quality-wise. Of course I realize no one...
  15. eighthnoterojo

    MJ Jesse Jackson Interview 2005

    I've been enjoying this interview. Parts 1-6 are available at YT. Maybe there are some peeps here who haven't heard it yet, or who feel like hearing it right now lol MJ's inspirations mentioned here: Diana Ross, Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Sammy Davis jr...
  16. eighthnoterojo

    Nursery Rhyme Rap

    Old MacDonald Ye, ye, uhn, uhn, Ol' man had a farm Mmye, ye, uhuhn ei ei o Animals don't come to no harm No, no, no ei ei o Ol' MacD's da man Pitchfork in his han Bailin' out hay I say, hey hey First come the chicks Chickee chickee uhn Chickee chickee uhn uhn ei ei o Then a'waddlin'...
  17. eighthnoterojo

    Stanley Cup Fever!

    Anybody here have it? :D Being from Montreal, I'm rooting for the Canadiens/Habs. (sorry Bruins fans :P) I haven't been watching all the games, but I follow their progress, and I'm a Saku Koivu supporter. The Canadiens have just clinched a spot in the next round of the playoffs by eliminating...
  18. eighthnoterojo

    Positivism and Encouragement for and about Michael Jackson

    I was wondering how I could post a positive thread about Michael where we could encourage each other in our faith about the future of his career without any negative commentary seeping in, spoiling the fun for everyone. So this thread is for positive comments only. Post here anything that helps...
  19. eighthnoterojo

    Ideas for the title of MJ's new album

    Based on that fabulous thread created by eternitys_child (one word album titles for MJ's new album,) how about we expand the possibilities to more than one word? I haven't given this much thought yet, but how about these- Onwards and Upwards It Only Gets Better I'm Back (:P)
  20. eighthnoterojo

    You Meet MJ in an Elevator - Reaction?

    This is just for fun, and for obvious reasons, couldn't happen. But let's pretend. lol! Ok, you're staying at a nice hotel in some random city. You decide to head up to your room. You go to the bank of elevators, press the button, and stand patiently waiting for it to arrive, quietly whistling...