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  1. Prince Of Pop

    Tom Petty Appreciation Thread

    Commemorating the life and career of a true American classic rocker, Tom Petty. Tom sadly passed away at the age of 66 on October 2nd, 2017. As I listen to Tom's amazing discography, I'm thinking about my top 5 songs from him during his solo days, as well as his work with the Heartbreakers...
  2. Prince Of Pop

    Remembering Freddie Mercury

    I'm surprised this wasn't started or mentioned earlier today. Today marks the 24th anniversary that the world lost the great Freddie Mercury after a battle with AIDS. Freddie was one of the greatest singer, songwriters, and showman's in the business...and in my personal opinion.....the true King...
  3. Prince Of Pop

    A&E Cancels Dog The Bounty Hunter

    "Dog the Bounty Hunter" will have to bust perps without reality cameras following him. A&E has canceled the long-running reality series, the network has confirmed to HuffPost TV. TMZ broke the news that the show was canceled after negotiations broke down. A&E had no further comment about the...
  4. Prince Of Pop

    Unreleased Bad Era Songs- What do you want to hear?

    Assuming Bad gets re-released for the 25th anniversary, which songs would you the fans want to see be released on the set, if any gets included. We can only assume at least Don't Be Messin' Around will be included. What else could possibly be up for release from MJ's vault?
  5. Prince Of Pop

    Divorce Discussion

    I'm wondering if any of you have ever been through a divorce, or had your parents or a loved one go through a divorce. What happened? Was it an ugly divorce or a mutual agreement that things were not going to work out? My wife and I have been married 4 and a half years and things are so bad...
  6. Prince Of Pop

    2011 MLB Season Thread

    It's opening day today. Who's your favorite team. What is your world series picks? My team: GO TWINS!!!!!
  7. Prince Of Pop

    Rebbie Jackson Appreciation

    Giving a little love to the underrated and rarily heard Rebbie. I'm listening to Centipede on The Vault 7892 at and man is she great. Besides this song and Fly Away, is there anything else she really stands out on? Too bad she's not recording anymore.
  8. Prince Of Pop

    Video- Roof Collapse At Metrodome

    Minnesota got NAILED by a bad blizzard, dumping almost 2 feet of snow on Minneapolis. Yesterday the NFL delayed the Vikings game between them and the Giants to tomorrow night at the Metrodome....until this happened early this morning. Game rescheduled to play at Ford Field in Detroit Monday...
  9. Prince Of Pop

    What Would The Tracklisting Look Like For "Michael" If You Picked It?

    If Sony and the Estate decided to delay the album long enough to change the album (to end the controversy and make everyone happy), how would you do it if you were in charge of the project. Here's mine for example: Escape/Xscape Hold My Hand (Duet with Akon) Hollywood Tonight A Place With No...
  10. Prince Of Pop

    Rock With You- Piano Version

    To take my mind off the Breaking News controversy, I went and looked for authentic MJ tracks to listen to. Check out this version of Rock With You. There's no doubt who sings this.
  11. Prince Of Pop

    HIStoric moment- My 2000th post

    I've been honored to have been apart of the MJJC since the beginning of 2003. In the last 7 years, MJ fans young and old who have visited this site have gone through alot of good times, and some really bad ones too. Can't believe how long a time it has been, but here I am, posting my 2000th...
  12. Prince Of Pop

    Hall & Oates Appreciation

    Anyone here love this duo? So many great hits from the late 70's and 80's. One of my all time favorite bands from the 80s.
  13. Prince Of Pop

    Need Help- Project MJ On Sirius

    I get sirius radio on my Dish Network satellite service, and I think it's criminal, that Michael does not have his own channel dedicated to him. They have everything you can think of and more on the Sirius network, including channels dedicated to Elvis, The Beatles, and Bruce Springsteen. I...
  14. Prince Of Pop

    Dumbest Thing You've Done In Your Life

    Everyone has made a mistake in their lives. What is thee DUMBEST mistake you ever made. I've made 2 big ones in life...the 1st was in my teen years when I took a car when I shouldn't have....didn't see the harm in it, just having fun......1 year probation and 20 hours community service...
  15. Prince Of Pop

    Official MLB Thread

    The 2010 regular season is about a month and a week away from ending. Plenty more baseball before the playoffs start. How's your favorite team doing? Who do you want to see in the fall classic? Big news today in baseball is Washington National's phenom pitcher Stephen Strasburg re injuring...
  16. Prince Of Pop

    I've Trained My 3 Year Old Well

    So I pick my daughter up from day care today, and as we're driving, I stick in a compulation tape of different artists I made. "Butterflies" starts playing, and I ask my daughter.. "Hey Piper, who is this singing?". Without missing a beat, she says "Michael Jackson!" Ooh yeah I got my daughter...
  17. Prince Of Pop

    "One More Chance"- The Unfinished Video

    When MJ was filming the video in Las Vegas, that was when all hell broke loose with the allegations/eventual trial. Does anyone know how close to being completed the video was? Was the footage of the video ever completed and just not put together into a final video? I personally would love...
  18. Prince Of Pop

    Your Top 5 Radio Stations

    What are the top 5 radio stations that you listen to? State where you live, the name of the station, and what type of music it plays. I'll go first. I live near the Fargo/Moorhead (North Dakota & Minnesota) area. 1. Fargo, ND 2. (oldies from the 60s, 70s and 80s)- Fargo, ND 3. (Adult...
  19. Prince Of Pop

    Actress Rue McClanahan Dead At 76

    Some of you might remember her as Blanche in the 80s hit show Golden Girls. She died of a stroke. R.I.P Rue
  20. Prince Of Pop

    I'm Gonna Be A Daddy Again (UPDATE At Post #75- The Latest)

    I'm Gonna Be A Daddy Again (Post #91- The Birth) My wife and I found out this morning that we're expecting our 2nd child. We've been trying and trying so hard for the last year and a half, finally our prayers have been answered. I was on cloud nine today at work I told practically everyone...