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    Songs and videos that prove MJ's love for blackness

    In my opinion: Bad short film - depicts microaggressions and black excellence Liberian Girl - references to Africa as well as Swahili chant (did Michael know any Swahili by the way?) Remember the Time short film - all-black cast, references to Africa Black or White short film - references to...
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    2000 Watts Doesn't Make Sense Physically

    Let's calculate it: power - 2000 W resistance - 8 ohms voltage - 200 V current - x x = P/U = 10 A However... I = U/R = 200/8 = 25 A Now, I know that "twenty ohms" wouldn't fit in melodically, but still.
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    Why Has He Never Acquired Parental Advisory Stickers?

    I'm wondering how come MJ's music never acquired those infamous parental advisory stickers. He dropped a few f-words (Scream) and k-words (TDCAU) after all.
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    Janet Jackson Documentary on Netflix In short: The multiple-episode documetary will map Janet's life as a single mother and an entertainer, there will be new music in it.
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    Invincible and IJCSLY on VEVO!

    Wow, VEVO is serving us another portion of michaeling(y):chillin::dancin:
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    Classmate's Dog - Your Opinion?

    My classmate has adopted a dog who was abandoned by his previous owner or whose owner died (I don't remember exactly). He's old, around 10 years. Because of his past, he's very scared of being alone and therefore my classmate has to take him everywhere with herself unless there's a person to...
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    Songs Written for Other Artists

    Can we make a list of songs where Michael participated as an author, but didn't perform them (excluding samples)? Centipede Muscles Joy Help please:unsure:
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    What Do Other Celebs' Fans Think About MICHAEL?

    So I've been a fan of various artists for some time and we for sure discuss someone else than our shared beloved celebs from time to time. Here's what I've found: Prince - Some people love him or at least respect him, some people are tired of hearing about him and make silly jokes. Mostly say...
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    The 'Crumbs' Film Trailer Features MJ!

    This is a new Ethiopian sci-fi film :) I'm more and more inclined to watch :D
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    Interview with Václav Havel on Michael Jackson

    Václav Havel, famous playwriter and a former president of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic (1989-1992, 1993-2003), would celebrate 80th brithday today (he passed away in 2011). In 2005, he was interviewed in Švanda's Theatre in Prague, alongside Lou Reed, where he spoke about MJ as...
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    Janet's Baby Bump

    Janet was recently spotted shopping for furniture in London where she currently lives with her husband. Paparazzi took pics of her and she looks fabulous :yes: I'm really looking forward to their :baby:!
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    MJ in Music classes

    Have you been taught in your Music classes (if you had them) about Michael? And if so, what level of education was it (elementary, secondary, university...)? What did you learn? We did talk briefly about popular music in our lessons, but never really talked about Michael (although we discussed...
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    Which MJ's lyrics describe you?

    I am tired of thinking Of what my life is supposed to be (Well) (Working Day And Night) Susie like to agitate Get the boy and make him wait (Superfly Sister)
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    Janet's Can't Be Stopped on #BlackLivesMatter

    A fan-made video:
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    Protective Style 4 Curls

    Hello everyone, I'm considering getting my hair braided, locked or whatever. It's roughly type 3A ( I'm looking for something that would last for some time and not be culturally appropriative (I'm a white Eastern...
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    Thoughts On The Tabloid Craze, Cultural Differences, Double Standards, Etc.

    In the Czech Rep, where I live, there's indeed been craze over the alleged pornography and photos of naked boys in MJ's computers. Luckily, it's mostly tabloid junk, but I've also found a women's magazine jumping on the bandwagon. One thing that I don't understand is why there's so much outrage...
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    Who Loves Kiwis?

    They look so cute!
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    Write Songs' Names In Smileys

    :no::sun: :threaten:
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    Rachel Dolezal Is Back Meh, why is still someone giving her a platform? She doesn't deserve it after all the lies she's said. On the other hand, I understand why she's written the book - she needs money cause she gave birth to a...