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  1. DavidZanyar

    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    So right now, both Safechuck and Robson are still appealing, right? If they somehow do get to sue, would they have to prove that abuse took place, or only that his company was responsible for his actions, proved or otherwise? If the former, wouldn't it actually be good if it goes to court? I...
  2. DavidZanyar

    Did MJ share his bed?

    Ah yes I remember this now. I do remember at least 1 person pointing out that sharing his bedroom wasn't as odd as it sounded because it was as big as a house, and on two stories, and the kids would sleep in a bed on the second storey. But that doesn't really mean anything if Michael has...
  3. DavidZanyar

    The thing that has always struck me about MJ's accusers...

    That's one of the things I always point out to people.. considering the hundreds or thousands of kids that MJ came into contact with, only a handful have made allegations, and they all have massive credibility issues.
  4. DavidZanyar

    Did MJ share his bed?

    Hi there, Sorry if this has been done to death on here! But I feel like that's one of the more confusing factors of the whole thing... have you guys ever got to bottom of it? Because over the years I feel like I've heard different contadictory versions 1. He let the kids sleep in the bed...
  5. DavidZanyar

    History 1996 Manila Audio Released on Spotify

    Don't think there's anything legal about it.. it's very easy to get stuff on Spotify even if you don't include the rights - but it'll disappear eventually
  6. DavidZanyar

    Square One - Documentary about the '93 allegations

    Really good doc but like with all the others can't help thinking "they missed this or that out"
  7. DavidZanyar

    HIStory 25 [MERGED]

    Missed opportunity :(
  8. DavidZanyar

    Michael's Unreleased Material [MERGED]

    Knowing details about songs you might never hear it so much worse than just not knowing anything!
  9. DavidZanyar

    Misheard MJ lyrics

    Probably a common one, but thought Smooth Criminal was asking Eddie if he was OK :D
  10. DavidZanyar

    Was there a planned album after 'Invincible'?

    Hope we get to hear more 2000s stuff some day.. the stuff in particular
  11. DavidZanyar

    Unpopular opinions about MJ’s music?

    Whatever Happens is a great song but too repetitive.. I made my own edit which makes it less so! :D
  12. DavidZanyar

    The Michael Jackson Chart Watch

    great to see still doing so well in UK!