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  1. MsCassieMollie

    Awww Paris Jackson & Macaulay Culkin Reconnected Recently!

    Mac was one of the few who ALWAYS defended MJ. Glad he still has a relationship with the kids. Throwback to 2001:
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    Welp Michael Jackson's Nephews, Niece, & Their Mother Face Eviction

    Welp, Michael Jackson's Nephews, Niece, & Their Mother Face Eviction 5/31/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFFEXCLUSIVE Michael Jackson's niece and 4 nephews may be out on the streets, because they're about to be evicted from their home. You may remember Jaafar ... he's the son of Jermaine and...
  3. MsCassieMollie

    RARE Pic: Michael & Bruno Mars Dad!

    This is awesome! I bet Bruno so jealous of his dad lol.
  4. MsCassieMollie

    Prince,Paris and Blanket in Gary,Indiana 8/28/14

    I did not recognize Paris here in the 1st pic. Glad she's doing well. God bless PPB.
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    PIC: So Frank Cascio Reconnected with Debbie Rowe Recently...

    Didn't Frank said some not-so-nice things about Debbie in his book? Plus based on his Twitter bio, he's the manager of Ian Thomas (the upcoming European Justin Bieber) who Debbie directed his mv of and works with. Marc Shaeffel is also connected with them... His Twitter...
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    'Charmed' Actress Rose McGowan Insults Michael After Fans Said She Looked Like Him!!
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    Paris Jackson Rushed to Hospital After Possible Suicide Attempt

    EDIT: Debbie confirmed it on ET. :( :sad:
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    Taj Jackson reveals he was sexually abused by someone as a child!

    How sad. :( Taj Jackson ‏@tajjackson3 4m I don't want to go on TV. I don't want publicity, I just want the truth. Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More Taj Jackson ‏@tajjackson3 6m I will not let them smear my Uncle's legacy. #Followthetrail Expand Reply Retweet Favorite...
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    Prince Michael Jackson to Make Acting Debut on CW's '90210'

    Getty Images Prince Michael Jackson Prince Michael Jackson is making his acting debut. The eldest child of the late pop star Michael Jackson will be heading to the season finale of The CW's 90210, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. Prince Michael Jackson will play Cooper...
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    Music Legend Dionne Warwick Calls Michael Her "Sweet Baby"

    From LSA: In last weekend's celebs on Sunday magazine (published by the Sunday mirror) there was a one-page article about Dionne Warwick and in it she was quoted as saying: "Michael was my sweet baby. A kind, gentle, sincerely talented individual and sorely missed. We really need him here...
  11. MsCassieMollie

    NEW VIDEO: Paris Jackson redoing her bedroom wall with Michael's Pictures

    Found this on LSA. Video was posted yesterday on the web but this was recorded in August Awww :heart:
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    Michael bought Whitney Houston her own pet monkey for her 26th birthday

    Excerpt from Bebe Winans new book about Whitney The seclusion of fame damages people the most. Fame causes its inhabitants to live afraid – to fear their reputation being marred – which makes seclusion seem the only real alternative. Look at how Michael Jackson faded into eerie...
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    All Paris Jackson Twitter, formspring and other social media sites [Discussion] Rocker Nikki Sixx has invited Michael Jackson's daughter Paris on to his radio show after apologising for "snarky" comments he made about her late father on-air in the run up to the third...
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    R. Kelly Shares His Memories of Meeting Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson Anniversary - R. Kelly Remembers the Superstar :
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    Aide to Michael Jackson manager Frank Dileo plans a musical w/ 'some dirt' based on real-life drama

    :no: Let MJ AND Frank rest in peace!
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    Paris Wishes Her Dad & Everyone A Happy Father's Day

    Awww :cry: :heart: She posted this tweet and picture.
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    Spike Lee - There's only one Michael Jackson
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    La Toya Talks About Michael's Kids on Access Hollywood Today

    La Toya talks about the kids yet again... La Toya Jackson: Michael Masking His Children In Public Helped Make Them &#8216;Balanced Kids&#8217; She talks more about the kids in the same interview. <object id="flashObj" width="480" height="270"...
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    A Newly Letter From Michael (NEW) to Lisa Marie Is Being Auctioned

    Newly letter from Mike to LMP is being auctioned: Michael Jackson's desperate letter to Lisa Marie goes on sale (and you can buy Whitney Houston's passport too) | Mail Online It has long been known Michael Jackson was leading a traumatic existence before his premature death. But a newly...