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    I Have This Dream questions

    What info is known about this track and how far they got recording it. I know in early 2006 there was a press release put out by maybe Ramone saying it was still being recorded. Although I've read stuff saying that the sessions were doing with MJ producing by phone from Bahrain. There were this...
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    My new single :) let me know what you think, it's quite sort of ac/dc-ish!
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    My debut E.P (Think i accidently put this in the wrong forum :P) I made this at college recently, the title track has a kind of Off The Wall vibe to it, what d'ya think :D
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    REQ: This Is It pics

    Could someone post some close up pics from This Is It of his face please??? thanks
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    when is this pic from? where and when is that pic from???
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    my new film

    made this for my year 12 a.s fine art course:
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    why mike why?

    1 year later why mike?? you looked fine!
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    Can you order from the US merch website if your from UK?

    I wanna order a few t shirts from the american merchandise site, but im from the uk! Is it still possible?