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    Immortal - Birmingham Presale

    Just noticed there is to be a show on 26 March 13 at NIA Birmingham fanclub presale starts tomorrow Is this MJ Fanclub or Cirque fan club as before?
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    Michael Jackson Case: Dr. Conrad Murray's Legal Team Grows

    Hopefully the judge will be very good at not allowing things to be said that are not relevant to the charge.
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    Update: Alejandra responds /MJ Estate asking court to remove Alejandra and her kids from Hayvenhurst

    Has anyone else noticed in the document section 3 page 8 THEY DO NOT EVEN PUT THE DATE OF DEATH CORRECT!!! "On or about June 29 2009 Michael Joseph Jackson died testate" You would think they would know the exact date of death.:bugeyed
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    Judge delays criminal trial for Jackson doctor

    This is a wonderful post but you made me cry:(
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    Frank Cascio "My Friend Michael"/ Excerpt @pg151/New Interview Post 3743

    Re: Frank Cascio to write memoir of his friend Michael Jackson / official press release at pg12 Well said. He also spent his last Christmas with them and I think I heard that PPB spent their 1st christmas without MJ with them!
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    I read somewhere a few months ago that Thome had bought a new house just a few weeks after MJ died for about $5.9mil without selling his other house,so cash I think. Im sure a link was provided showing the document proving this. But now I cant find it and cant remember where I even saw it...
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    MJ Estate Made $310 MILLION Since Michael Died

    I'd like to know that too, been looking online and cant find them. So if anyone finds the docs can you please post a link. Thanks
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    Omer Bhatti got BIGDEAL with Universal. *New song with Genevieve Jackson"

    I did notice on his website that his name is referred to as Omer Michael J Bhatti? Is that the name he was given at birth?
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    MJ Estate Made $310 MILLION Since Michael Died

    Bolded part did 'fans' really do that? thats awful:no: Thome always seemed dodgy hate that photo of him physically handling Michael. Makes me feel sick
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    TMZ article about Karen Faye's testimony

    Dont worry a number of people did on twitter and he has now blocked them
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    Dr Murray

    Yes I noticed that too. Very wrong unless he just thought it was the only way to get him to speak.
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    MJ Estate Made $310 MILLION Since Michael Died

    It would have been his accountants responsibilty though wouldnt it, not his manager.
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    Michael interview with Piers Morgan 1999

    Full transcipt is here
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    MJ Estate Made $310 MILLION Since Michael Died

    Dont think he did have aanyone competent. Reading the AEG contract it looks like all advances and expenses ie production, house rental staff that AEG funded would be repaid from Michaels earnings before they paid it to him. Also he wasnt to be paid until after the end of each leg of the tour...
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    MJ Estate Made $310 MILLION Since Michael Died

    This article talks about the trust that was leaked last year Money to go into it after estate is settled
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    MJ Estate Made $310 MILLION Since Michael Died

    Didnt think there was anything in the trust yet. Thats where the money goes when the estate is sorted, debts paid and probate finished. Whats left and any future income then goes into the trust and is dished out as per will 40% kids 40%KJ(monthly income during her lifetime only) 20% charity
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    Save The Children UK Attention if you are donating re: Michael Jackson

    Disgusting. Well I for one will not donate to Save the Children again. I will give my money to another charity.
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    Janet addresses Michael and Murray's trial

    Think its around 20,000 depending on stage setup
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    Where did you see that he had glaucoma? Ive never heard that before.