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    So who wrote "On the line"?

    When "On the line" was first released in 1996, on some maxi single, it was credited to Babyface. But when it came out again on the Ultimate box set in 2001, the credit was switched to MJ. It looked like a mistake -- there are others on the set -- but the copyright notice for the song does list...
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    "Privacy" -- Bernard Bell in the credits?

    Going over the Invincible credits, I noticed that Bernard Bell is listed as one of the writers for "Privacy", alongside MJ and the Darkchild team. He is not listed for any other song, and as far as I know, didn't work with MJ on Invincible. So could it indicate that "Privacy" is an older song...
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    (I Like) The Way You Love Me question

    To me, the last unanswered question regarding the new album is the case of "(I Like) The Way You Love Me". The leaked credits and running time seem to indicate this is the exact same song as the one on The Ultimate Collection, but with added production work by Neff-U. The fact that a lot of...