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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    How do you feel right now (In Smiley Form)?

    I still can`t find the smiles but I will tell you how I feel now although I`m sleepy and tired I feel happy I became a complete member yay!! thank you mods.
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    Thanks for the friendship request very appreciated.

    Thanks for the friendship request very appreciated.
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    How do you feel right now (In Smiley Form)?

    I`m sad because I`m new to the site I`m treated like a hater I`m a real fan I swear I`m not allowed to use smilies if I`m allowed I`ll put crying smile:( I can`t see my posts though..
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    Can you type * Michael Jackson * with your eyes closed?

    No not yet lol although I type his name a lot everyday I hope I`ll be able to close my eyes while typing soon I will let you know then:D
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    Your Michael Jackson song of the moment.

    wanna be starting something
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    What are you doing this very second?

    I wish I know how to do this ;)
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    What were you doing an hour ago

    I was shopping I hate doing this:(
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to.. I was just listening to "the way you make me feel" in my car I love this song.
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    No Asian Michael Jackson Forums?

    What do you mean by Asian? I`m a member in 2 middle eastern forums for MJ but I prefer to be in the international forums where we all speak the same language. they are small forums though they don`t have too many members.
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    When do you think Michael and Lisa last spoke?

    I have no idea but sure during the trial 2005 they spoke but afterwards I don`t know but I would like to know anybody knows ,help I`m new to this site I don`t know how to find threads or posts I wish there is some thread to welcome the new comings:(
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    what was michael best tour

    History world tour:)
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    Dreams about MJ! (Merged)

    I had a dream about him few days ago it was so beautiful it sounded like seeing him in real I wish I can dream about him every night:(
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    All members please read

    I agree we must respect them for his sake after all they are his family and he loved them.
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    Jermaine comments on the gay rumors

    Enough with these rumors I made a decision I won`t read any magazine or watch any documentary about MJ they all lie ,good on you Jermaine I like how he speaks sounds like Michael:)
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? man in the mirror
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    Picture Of The Day

    That`s cool something really different but it`s not nice to live inside this thing.
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    Women's Periods

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    Women's Periods

    Hello everyone I`m new here this is my first post it`s weird that my first post here to this thread you guys took my attention I think it`s not taboo you are talking about it now but this is right as someone here said it`s a woman to a woman talk.