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    you vanished into the unknown... hope you're well, and to hear from you soon. Bye :shakehands

    you vanished into the unknown... hope you're well, and to hear from you soon. Bye :shakehands
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    Jermaine Jackson Looks To Australia To Start Super-Mega Band

    Didn't you hear?? it's going to be "Super Mega Huge" I'm sure we'll be knocked off our feet!
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    Hamid Moslehi posts pictures of Michael Jackson and his kids

    pictures taken at Nerverland..I miss Neverland and Michael's spirit thank you for photos they are lovely, made me melancholic
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    Debbie Rowe to become Co-guardian of Paris Jackson?

    Debbie gave up parental rights thinking they are safe and happy with MJ but since he died so early - something that was never suppose to happen, I think Debbie feels responsibility and wants to be around them but without interfering in the family plans
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    Jermaine planning Jackson-themed resort

    Michael was the tortured soul who had that sparkle of genius, his brothers are your every day common guys - "normal" people by social standards (compared to MJ) but mediocre talent as artists. They could sing and dance, but they couldn't "create"
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    Terence Trent D'Arby aka Sananda Maitreya Talks about Michael Jackson, Music, Life, and Spirituality

    Re: Terence Trent D'Arby: Michael Jackson HATED me! Michael "hated him"? He's trying to raise his value by saying that a star like MJ hated him with so much passion as if Michael felt seriously threatened by him
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    Jermaine jackson drops big bucks on ferrari

    no comment :trish:
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    Buna :oldsmile: mersi pt. friend request

    Buna :oldsmile: mersi pt. friend request
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    IJCSLY, French version

    I'm not native French speaker but his accent is strong. French pronunciation is hard - I can speak Italian and Spanish very well but French has always been hard
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    [REQ] Hand writings of Michael

    for some reason, this morning I woke up remembering his last note to fans... "I can feel your energy through the wall, you make me so happy" I remember he was also making so many spelling mistakes, bless his heart... I miss him
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    Verdict Reached: AEG NOT Liable - Discussion- Katherine Jackson vs AEG

    that was happening a lot when Michael was alive too, it was breaking my heart
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    Jermaine planning Jackson-themed resort

    oh no!... Jermaine and his "plans" again... bless him, he never gaves
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    Debbie Rowe threatens to sue Michael Jackson's doctor

    there were too many people who destroyed his life, Klein is just a fish in an ocean
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    I miss this place

    when Michael was alive, there were endlesss threads when a new paparazzi pic would show up, everyone was so excited when I come here every now and then, I feel weird like I'm visiting a place with ghosts
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    If Michael Was Reading This Thread...What would you say?

    I just remembered he actually used to read it when he was alive (the forum)... miss him :(
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    Oprah Winfrey 'Victim Of Racism' In Swiss Shop

    I don't feel sorry for her, I feel sorry for people who don't have billions or millions of dollars and who really do suffer from direct consequences of racism or any other kind of discrimination - at work, social life etc when it comes to public (rich) people, only cases like Michael's are an...
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    Do You Skip MJ in your playlist? Why?

    yes I skip many songs, videos etc. I blocked everything when he died and I don't want to be reminded
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    Things you wish MJ did in his career!

    I wish he had never accepted the deal with AEG. I knew it was bad news from the moment I heard of it - the hype, everything - I knew the pressure they were putting on him to get as much money as they could from him. I never imagined he'd die but I knew it was too much for him and just bad news...