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    Omarion Presents Thriller Night Live from Jackson Family Home in Encino 10/30/20 9pm EST

    I saw the trailer for this just now. Prince is co-hosting live from the Jacksons Encino home. Supposedly Prince will be giving a full tour as well as sharing personal family stories. This will be a Youtube Live stream I believe. Trailer:
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    MJ Mini Series in the works

    From "The Breakfast Club" Rumor report Aug 30. 2018 I read alot of comments of people who say they wouldn't watch it because of how bad "Man in the Mirror" with Flex was. Remember that was a VH1 film...VH1 makes shitty movies. Now if this gets the same treatment is the "New Edition Story" and...
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    Thriller 3D - Official Release?

    Anybody have info on where to find it? I know John Landis premiered it but what's next??
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    Biopic starring Earnest Valentino Premiering March 26 UK TV

    So I'm friends with Earnest Valentino on facebook and I just saw that he posted the trailer for "Man in the Mirror" biopic. It looks like it might be pretty good. I saw a cameo from Jennifer Batten in the trailer also. Set to air Sunday March 26 2017 on UK television. He said that its going to...
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    Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545}span.s1 {color: #e4af0a}</style> Michael Jackson&#8217;s Thriller 3D will make its world premiere at the 74th Venice Film Festival 2017, announced the Estate of Michael Jackson today...
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    MJ One Night Only HBO Special??

    I was just curious, like TII, we never got to see "One Night Only," because it never happened. I was wondering if there was any info on the setlist for that show...???
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    Nobody can sing "My Girl" better than Michael

    I was cleaning up my apt this morning and I wanted yo hear some young Michael you agree that no one can top his vocals on "My Girl?"
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    Other songs on the blu ray/dvd??

    This might be on here already but does the blu ray/dvd feature any other songs that were rehearsed?
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    New "This Is It" Commercial???

    I was watching BET and a commercial came on for this is it and it featured more footage of Human nature...different from the other 45 sec clip...has anyone else seen this?
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    VMA Tribute dancers??

    were the dancers the ones from TII?...the part before janet came out
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    HISTORICAL Magazine : Collector's Edition

    So I had went out and bought every magazine with Michael's face on it and I noticed that in Historical Magazine (the one in tribute to Michael) that they had a spread of photos titled "Jackson Family." I noticed that they had a picture of Randy Jackson (from American Idol) and his he...
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    Ne-Yo Michael Jackson tribute..?

    Ive been seeing alot of videos of neyo peforming various mj songs at 02...did he do a tribute concert or was it just part of his own show?
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    OMG Have you seen this picture?!?!?!?!

    Michael getting out of the pool 1983-1984... Im not gay or anything but Mike was a dapper young fella!!!
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    Is that Michael's band playing?

    Is that the "This is It" band and dancers at the memorial??
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    What Now??

    For me personally...Michael Jackson has been apart of my life on a daily basis...whether it be listening to his music, watching his videos, or drawing and painting pictures of this man who I truly believed would outlive me. Along with the hundreds and millions of other fans, I'm at a loss..I...
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    O2 Shows on TV???

    Has anyone heard anything about the shows being broadcasted worldwide for the fans who were unable to be there???
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    MJ Impersonator...pretty good

    Paul Rizzo doing Billie Jean:
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    Enjoy Yourself -VHI

    I guess this is the official video for this:
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    Billie Jean live in 1984

    I think this was the best he ever performed it, on the victory tour I energetic
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    Forever came today

    In my opinion the best performance of the song: