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    My friend, a new Michael Jackson fan, murdered

    Oh Rob, I was only watching this on the RTE news last night you poor thing, Sending you a big hug and prayers from Just down the road in Swords.
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    Christian Members

    Re: Any Believers in Jesus Christ Here? wow I had never heard that before it's beautiful
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    Christian Members

    Re: Any Believers in Jesus Christ Here? I believe in Jesus Christ, The Divine Mercy
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    Michael Jackson show in Cork, Ireland

    Where can we get the tickets and all the info???? Wow I can't wait i really want to go but I don't know if my Hubby will be ok with it seeing as i have to go to scotland on oct 10th.. please keep your fingers crossed.
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    Michaels Chest hair

    OMG!!! I love chest hair just love it. Wish Mike had more. My Hubby has just the right amount not too much not too little. Still thats what imagination is for right? LOL Love this thread
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    As I Watch You (A Poem To Michael)

    Two Beautiful poems full of love.
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    A Childs Smile

    Thank you very very much
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    A Childs Smile

    Your welcome and thank you
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    A Childs Smile

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wrote this poem years ago when my first child was born, It's not about Michael but was inspired by his love of children. A Childs Smile. The smile of a baby, The laugh of a child, It's here I see God. In a heart...
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    Is there something wrong with me?

    I have to say I think you have your priorities right.. I am married 8 years now and my sister thinks my husband and I are both mad because sex is not as important in our marriage as it is in hers. I swear when I told her that we made love maybe once or twice a month she was shocked and proceded...
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    Over 380 rare pictures (Updated Sept. 27, download added)

    Re: Bunch of rare pictures Thank you for these amazing pictures wow
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    Michael Jackson Life of A Legend is Number One

    Just got the book a few days ago. I didn't realise you guys worked on it, it is a fantastic book with a lot of great pictures too. Thanks for all your hard work and effort.