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    Michael inspires the french stylist Jean-Paul Gaultier

    Jean-Paul Gaultier presented his spring 2013 collection ... with a touch of Michael source : Vogue France
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    King Of Pop Meeting

    It will take place in Paris the 30 of april - More informations here :
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    A Review of the King of Pop's New Album - Huffington Post

    I don't see a thread about it, so feel free to remove it if it's done.:cheeky: <!-- end SNN Modal --><!-- Design style from perl code: --><!--ASKCRAWL--><!-- Author info --> Joe Vogel Is Michael Really...
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    release date advanced ?

    Hi ! Not sure that it's useful to open a thread for this but I just receive this morning an email from Amazon France where I had pre-ordered "Michael" last week and they told me that the release is now 10 of december - is there someone else in this case ? copy of my email (sorry it's in...
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    ABC : Nine Reasons We're Obsessed With Blanket Jackson

    Nine Reasons We're Obsessed With Blanket Jackson Michael Jackson's Youngest Son Is Poised to Be a Big-Time Star By: Olivia Allin, The After a certain point, the answer to "What Would Suri Do?" just isn't terribly challenging. This is why we must find new child icons to obsess over...
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    Michael Jackson + "Earth Song" REMAKE 2010 + New Generation Pays Tribute

    Just found this - Beautiful tribute, I love it - Voices are beautiful :wub:
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    Jackson syringe testing issues - threads merged

    JUST IN : APNewsBreak: Urgent plea for testing Jackson items By: ANTHONY McCARTNEY Associated Press 10/27/10 5:55 PM EDT LOS ANGELES — Arguing that evidence is deteriorating, defense lawyers for the doctor charged in Michael Jackson's death are seeking urgent testing of two syringes and an...
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    New Video: Kriyss Grant speaks about his concerns over 'This Is It'

    i don't know where I can post it - sorry if it's already done From Charles Thomson Blog : In this latest excerpt from my interview with Kriyss Grant, the 'This Is It' dancer explains comments he made in an interview about organisers 'taking advantage' of Michael Jackson and elaborates on...
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    Something very ironic !!

    I'm not really sure it's the right place, :scratch: Just found this article on the Huffington Post wrote by the witch D.D. The Media Lies to You -- Beware! I found it very ironic I recommend to...
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    French fans succeded to cancel LWMJ on TV

    A french national TV "France 4" had announced "Living with Michael Jackson" as a tribute for the death of MJ on june 25th - French fans were so angry (how can they call that a tribute !!) a petition signed by hundreds asking to cancel the program had been sent to the french TV and .... they have...
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    Health concerns for katherine jackson after fall

    Just found this : HEALTH CONCERNS FOR KATHERINE JACKSON AFTER FALL Print article Refer to a friend Movie & Entertainment News provided by World Entertainment News Network ( 2010-05-26 23:24:11 - JACKSON family matriarch KATHERINE JACKSON's health has sparked a secret...