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  1. 8th wonder

    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    Not that big of a fan of Michael's shows after the first few shows of the Dangerous tour & that applies to the 30th anniversary shows. But there are some things I do like such as the band, the lighting, mostly live vocals & the choreography in Beat It; wonder if they used elements from the One...
  2. 8th wonder

    Bad Tour in Rome,1988-the ,,vocals,,

    During early 1988 his vocals started off great during the shows in Kansas & New York (nearly as good as the Australian shows) but then he got sick in St. Louis & he sounded sick until the shows in Turin/Rotterdam. He might've gotten sick again in Rome (possibly why he was wearing a winter coat...
  3. 8th wonder

    Which of Michael's Solo Tour is the best?

    1. Bad 2. Dangerous 3. History. Dangerous had some improvements over Bad like some new dance moves & choreographies, better intro & ending, much better lighting (a lot more varilites), Siedah instead of Sheryl, theatrics in Thriller & the rising stage (both in just a few shows), but it's still...
  4. 8th wonder

    Michaels 90s live performances are overrated

    The best WBSS vocals on the Dangerous tour were probably from the show in Rome; not sure if they're as good as the Bad tour but they're still amazing.
  5. 8th wonder

    The greatest HIStory Tour concert (pro versions)

    Jam was very energetic & it'd be great if they could find the edited Bad tour Wembley show caught on film & release it alongside whatever they're planning to release next ( it was also a little different as it's the only Bad tour show they increased the tempo for half the songs for some reason).
  6. 8th wonder

    What would This Is It have most likely looked like

    With regards to lipsynching MJ said he wanted to sing live more but they never got round to doing a full run-through of the show & considering how damaged his lungs were at the time it's hard to guess if he could sing most of the show live. There was also going to be a bunch of new theatrics...
  7. 8th wonder

    Michael’s best vocal performance is…?

    Interms of studio vocals maybe Keep the faith or Someone in the dark. For live vocals Rock with you in Oakland 79' is the closest I've ever heard him sound like the record & that long note after the bridge is so full & amazing or She's out of my life on the Triumph tour. If I were to include...
  8. 8th wonder

    I’ve had it with the estate!!!

    Love the Jacksons live album! Michael's live adult voice really peaked on that tour (even tho parts of the album are overdubs); sounds so full & colourful plus his belting is great. Also got an incredible band with a horn section which sound so much better than the synths they used later.
  9. 8th wonder

    The Indispensable Collection

    Was trying to find some information on this album yesterday so it's a coincidence this post came up. I'm only interested in the Wembley CD as the DVD audio is awful but is Apple music/ITunes the only place you can get this collection?