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    Have you met Michael? Describe your personal experience with him.

    Hi everyone! Have any of you met Michael in person? Or seen him live? I think it would be awesome to hear everyone's personal experience with him while he was here with us! I'll start with mine. My twin brother and I met him in 1996 in Perth, Australia while he was here for the HIStory tour...
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    Continuity error in 'Bad'.

    OMG, just found this. When Michael (Darryl) says 'Get out of my way, MOOOVE!' Wesley Snipes ain't wearing no hat! .....did anyone else see this? Source: 'Bad' from 'Michael Jackson's Vision' on iTunes. (7:22)
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    Where is this Moonwalker picture from?!

    I was looking around at Michael Bush's profile, and I found this photo, under his tagged photos. I cropped it. It originally looked like it was projected onto a screen in a cinema. I've never seen this before, where is it from? A deleted scene? A rehearsal? I'm sure someone here can help me...
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    Apple releases 'This Is It' trailer and exclusive clip in HD.

    Just checked the Apple trailer website, Apple has now released the trailer and 'Why Why' exclusive clip on their website. You can download both in iPod quality, and in HD (480p, 720p and 1080p).
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    Pygmies do 'Thriller' in iPhone app, 'Pocket God'

    Pygmies do 'Thriller' in iPhone app, 'Pocket God'. From PocketGamer UK: Source: I'll be posting a video of it soon.
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    'This Is It' trailer to premiere during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

    From Source:
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    Janet Jackson, along with dancers, will be paying tribute to Michael Jackson at 2009 MTV VMA's.

    I found this on Wade Robson's bulletin on MySpace: MTV has also confirmed the performance: SOURCE: Excited!
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    A peaceful, emotional goodbye video to our hero.

    Warning: You may cry. It took my brother and I a while to build up the strength to make a video for the King. It's not as big and amazing as our other videos, but I believe it is a very peaceful video that has managed to touch others and make some cry. Please watch, rate, comment and...
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    "Halo" - An emotional music video I made.

    Hi guys. A few months ago, I made an emotional music video to Beyonce's "Halo". This was for a Media assignment. It seems to have impressed many people, including famous YouTube celebrity Chris Crocker. I thought I'd post it because I'm sure many can relate to the emotions displayed in the...
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    ATTENTION! MySpace Wants You To Vote For Live DualDisc Boxset!

    From Michael Jackson's official MySpace: 3rd January 2009 *​*​*​RE-​POST BULLE​TIN AND SPREA​D NEWS - EVERY​ VOTE COUNT​S*​*​*​ Micha​el Jacks​on Dual Disc Album​/​Conce​rt CD/​DVD Serie​s See all info here:​ Click here to vote! Pleas​e regis​ter and vote!​ Here is what you will be...