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  1. Bobi MJ

    Cascio Tracks at Least Written by MJ?

    I think the songs were written for MJ because Michael wanted to do something with Jason Malachi. There was an article but I can't find it. It was around 2007 and the tracks were also written and recorded at the same.
  2. Bobi MJ

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    The Estate kinda confirmed HIStory 25 btw. The album I mean
  3. Bobi MJ

    Does someone have a screenshot of the deleted tweet from MJ's account?

    The Estate tweeted that a new album is coming but they deleted it really fast. It was a joke for April 1st. I really want to see that post. Can someone who screenshotted the post to share it here? Thanks!!!
  4. Bobi MJ

    Post Trial Songs (2005-2009)

    His spoken bridge was really awful. I heard that MJ wrote his lyrics for the bridge. Does anyone have them?
  5. Bobi MJ

    Post Trial Songs (2005-2009)

    I actually DO have proof that these 2 are COMPLETELY different. So, "Hollywood Tonight" was written by MJ, Brad Buxer, and Teddy Riley. But "Hollywood" was only worked/written by MJ, Michael Prince, and Brad Buxer. This is coming from the U.S. Copyright Office. If you check "Hollywood Tonight"...
  6. Bobi MJ

    Post Trial Songs (2005-2009)

    Post Trial songs: 1. You Are So Beautiful (2005) [Written by MJ during the trial as a thank you to the fans' support. It's unknown if it was ever recorded. Some lyrics were "leaked" but their authenticity is not confirmed yet.] 2. I Have This Dream (2005/2006) [Written by MJ, David Foster...
  7. Bobi MJ

    Best of Joy - Original Version

    I believe the original version (the one from the 80s - 90s) has full vocals because Michael Prince said that MJ re-sang the full song in 2008.
  8. Bobi MJ


    I heard "Give In To Me" on the radio last Monday (22.03.2021)
  9. Bobi MJ

    Best of Joy - Original Version

    I can hear in the acapella version of the song at the beginning a violin, I don't know since it's pretty hard to hear. I will give you a timestamp: 0:10 - 0:13
  10. Bobi MJ

    Are the leaked snippets of "Angel" real?

    I'm trying to do research and find the answer. Here is what I've found so far: For those who are unfamiliar, "Angel" is an unreleased song written by MJ and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds in 1998 and it had been scheduled to feature on a shelved greatest hits compilation. However, in 2018 the...
  11. Bobi MJ

    What Changes Would You Make to Invincible's Track List?

    Re: What would your ideal tracklist for INVINCIBLE be? 1. Unbreakable 2. Xscape 3. Get Your Weight Off Of Me 4. Privacy 5. You Rock My World 6. She Was Lovin' Me 7. Blue Gangsta 8. Invincible 9. Heartbreaker 10. Break of Dawn 11. Cry 12. Shout 13. Rampage 14. Whatever Happens 15. We've Had...
  12. Bobi MJ

    Michael's Unreleased Material [MERGED]

    Unreleased Songs and Leaks in 2021 Thread Any thoughts on unreleased songs being potentially released/leaked this year? We are at the end of March and we didn't got any new leaks for this year. Here are the songs from every era I want to hear: Off The Wall: Actually Nothing... Thriller: MJ...
  13. Bobi MJ

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    There IS something coming for this year! MJ the musical
  14. Bobi MJ

    How many editions of Thriller 25 were released???

    I know that there are more than 1 edition of Thriller. Like the Limited Japanese Single Collection. But I'm wondering are there more editions and if you know them, please let me know because I'm a huge fan of Thriller 25 and I'd want to buy all of the editions one day :)
  15. Bobi MJ

    Are there remnants from the music videos for Unbreakable and Threatened?

    Even they got canceled, are there any pictures from the film sets?
  16. Bobi MJ

    1 Billion 4 MJ You Tube campaign

    Here is a live count of the views of the "Billie Jean" music video:
  17. Bobi MJ

    Are "The Future" and "In The Future" the same or 2 different songs?

    For those who are unfamiliar with these titles. Jackson collaborated with from 2006 to 2008 and they recorded some tracks. And unfortunately, all of them remain unreleased and most of them unfinished. And one of the songs they had recorded is titled "The Future". This song was revealed...
  18. Bobi MJ

    Has anyone watched this video?

    I watched it somewhere in the fall of 2020. It also has been recommended by the YouTube algorithm just like you. I thought it was a slide show of MJ pictures and the song "Someone In The Dark" in the background, but I saw the runtime of the video.
  19. Bobi MJ

    Michael's Unreleased Material [MERGED]

    Still counts for Ne-Yo, because he gave some songs to MJ. But why MJ never recorded them is a different question.
  20. Bobi MJ

    Michael's Unreleased Material [MERGED]

    Ne yo and West were worked with MJ for a short time during the production with MJ wanted to make a new album around that time (2006/2007/2008)