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    New Song Snippet - Another Day Featuring Lenny Kravitz (Merged) *No Links*

    "Another Day" Preview Here's a 1.28 minute preview of a new Michael Jackson song called "Another Day" featuring R&B legend Lenny Kravitz. It was recorded shortly before MJ's death. Wow, first I will say that I wasn't that big of a fan of MJ, but this track sounds damn great. Hopefully we will...
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    Darren Baker paints portrait of Michael Jackson for royal family of Bahrain

    THE King of Pop’s image will feature in a palace. Meltham artist Darren Baker has been commissioned by the royal family of Bahrain to paint a portrait of Michael Jackson. The image of the late singer will take pride of place in a new palace being built in the capital Manama. Darren said...
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    Michael Jackson and Frederic Marc Schaffel - NEEDING INFO

    I am in need of some information regarding Michael's association with Schaffel. I know some sparse details regarding him but i would like to know the full details and facts, if possible. If you are wondering why i have brought this up, it's because i am in a 'heated' email discussion with...
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    100 Best Madison Square Garden Shows: Top 20 - ROUND THREE Michael's currently in 1st and 2nd place Michael Jackson, 1988 55.3191% Michael Jackson, 2001 35.4610%
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    [UK] Channel Five to air Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Concert over Christmas

    Five plots 'CSI' Christmas special Thursday, November 26 2009, 13:34 GMT By Dan French, US TV Editor Five has announced plans to screen a CSI special as part of their Christmas lineup. Introduced by William Peterson, Grissom's Greatest will feature 16 of the iconic character's best episodes...
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    Music Choice - Who is Artist of the Year? Michael is up against Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Rhianna for Artist of the Year. Current poll percentage: Beyonce = 5% Jay-Z = 1% Lady Gaga = 73% MJ = 20% Rhianna = 1%
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    Who do you think is the best male singer? Michael is currently 2nd behind Freddie Mercury.
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    Legend of the year - Virgin Media Music Awards 2009

    Cast your vote for this year's most memorable pop icon...
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    A Tale of Two Michaels - Make-Up Artist Magazine

    Editor’s note: This summer, make-up artist Michael Thomas and pop star Michael Jackson died within two months of each other (Thomas’ obituary is posted on our site). Here, Thomas, who was Jackson's make-up artist for The Wiz, recalls some memorable experiences with Jackson on and off the set...
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    Jason Weaver Speaks On Michael

    Jason Weaver, who played little Michael in "The Jacksons: An American Dream", talks about Michael and his passing.