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  1. DanGerouS-

    Michael + Xscape = Which songs would u choose?

    Hi, i was lately creating a new playlist on spotify, with posthumous songs only. Imagine a fusion of Michael and Xscape, what songs would u pick ? my turn with 11 tracks overall: I left out Best of Joy, cause it never sounded finished enough to me, like something is missing. (still a very...
  2. DanGerouS-

    HipHop: The Queen is finally back! Missy Elliott.

    she needs her own thread, the one and only hiphop queen! her new single: hopefully the album wont take too long and some timbo collabs will come soon (pure magic).
  3. DanGerouS-

    your favorite EDM/Club Remixes of MJ songs.

    Hi, i recently found out that i enjoy some remixes more than i thought... my current favorite club remixes: 1. Dirty Diana by Nick (long version), awesome guitar and bass! 2. Hollywood Tonight by Chuckie (Extended Mix, 6min), love that remix. pity it didnt do well in the clubs out there back...
  4. DanGerouS-

    Janet Jackson - Comeback likely?

    Hi, iam a huge Janet Jackson fan and since her last album in 2008, there hasnt been much new music of her ... are there any hints of a new album sooner or later? ive read she's working on something but no idea what it was exactly. what do you guys think? comeback yes or no?
  5. DanGerouS-

    "Lovin' you" - what do you think?

    yo, already starting this topic for tomorrow :p. but one question until it will surface: how might it sound? i hope it's rather uptempo and mj using his gritty voice. it might be rather in demo state, cause it's rather short.