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  1. lulu

    Elizabeth Taylor Rushed to hospital [Reports]

    I hope she gets better. Be strong Mrs Taylor
  2. lulu

    Preliminary Hearing 11/1/11. Day Six. Discussion Thread

    I`m so with you with this. I can`t even think about it. It would kill Mrs. Jackson for sure. OMG.
  3. lulu

    Lisa Marie will be on Oprah Oct 6 to talk about Michael death

    I have bad feeling about this... Why Oprah...?? It`s many others talk shows and she choose Oprah`s show.. I hope she will tell the truth once for all, and she won`t bring those drug addict lies... Lisa, please... don`t dissapoint me..
  4. lulu

    Lisa Marie is present in MICHAELs kids life

    I think that story is a lie, too.
  5. lulu

    When do you think Michael and Lisa last spoke?

    Is there anyone who knows what is going on with Lisa now?
  6. lulu

    Randy Jackson's Twitter...

    I wonder, if it will end... Tablotrashes grow like mushrooms after rain... Again and again. One bad story chase another... They must let the man rest in peace...
  7. lulu

    Randy Jackson's Twitter...

    I agree. I think, we had not seen it yet... But who is Randy talking about...:mello:??
  8. lulu

    Randy Jackson's Twitter...

    This Pearl Jr is crazy....:doh:
  9. lulu

    Tito Jackson - Tribute to MJ

    I like Tito. It seems that he is doing well. He is doing his own things and that`s great to see it.
  10. lulu

    Polish MJ Fans

    Ja oglądałam Moonwalkera. Pełen siły i radości, uśmiechnięty Michael to to na co chciałam patrzeć.
  11. lulu

    MJ's Bodyguard Answering Fans Questions

    MJ`B said: This person must done something really bad if that makes Michael hated him.
  12. lulu

    MJ's Bodyguard Answering Fans Questions

    Oh, thank you very much. I remember now, that I`ve read about this. Some of people discussed about him but they wasn`t sure. Thanks again:)
  13. lulu

    MJ's Bodyguard Answering Fans Questions

    I just wonder who he was talking about... What do you think?
  14. lulu

    Frank Cascio speaks about the kids 1 year later

    He seems to be a real good friend in Michael`s life. I love it. It is good to know that PPB are doing well.
  15. lulu

    Family Attorney: Jackson children just normal kids

    Michael`s kids deserve for normal childchood.. They had enought storm in their lives. God bless them.
  16. lulu

    When do you think Michael and Lisa last spoke?

    She said, that he is very respectful for her grief...and for her feelings, but I don`t know .... Mr. Lockwood is rather Mr. Presley... She is chief, isn`t she?
  17. lulu

    Polish MJ Fans

    No, powiem ci, że ja też... Myślałam, że sie rozpuszczę.... No a dziś znowu pora deszczowa.... :( Kurcze, w Polsce teraz gorzej niż w lesie równikowym... Raz upał, raz deszcz....
  18. lulu

    When do you think Michael and Lisa last spoke?

    I`ve read that Lisa will be at Forest Lawn Is this true??
  19. lulu

    Polish MJ Fans

    Ja chyba bym nie mogła mieszkać w Australii. Ani nigdzie gdzie takie upały. Lubię ciepełko, ale bez przesady...Mój organizm by zwariował chyba w takim upale. Już teraz ledwo zipię.....:*****: Pozdrawiam was....
  20. lulu

    Randy is going to be on CNN live shortly

    Did he said something about Michael??? Who watched??