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  1. Suzie B

    Moonwalk at Trafalgar Square tonight

    Hi guys I have just read that there is going to be a mass one minute moonwalk at Trafalgar Square, London at 9pm tonight. Sorry if this has already been posted, I couldn't see it anywhere. I might go along....has anyone else heard about this...
  2. Suzie B

    We Are The World - thank you

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to the fans at the O2 last night who got us to all hold hands standing in a circle and sing We Are The World to the memorial on the big screen. It was a beautiful moment that Michael would have loved. We all got together and held hands as one, and at that...
  3. Suzie B

    Get together to show our love for Michael - that he will never be taken from our hearts

    I am so devastated with this unbearable loss, my whole being feels crushed. I have an idea, I think it is the only way I can really get through this. Lets show the world what Michael means to us. My idea is that we get together in London to display our love for Michael now and forever - to show...