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  1. Doggone

    MJ Jackets

    Hi guys, Not sure where to start this topic, so if it’s in the wrong sub forum, I’m sawry. Anyway, I was wondering if there are some fans who have experience in ordering jackets that Michael wore. I want to buy some replica jackets, but I have no idea which website is trustable. I found...
  2. Doggone

    Spotify song cover update

    Hey guys, As for as you guys know Spotify is an important outlet to keep Michael’s music alive. However, I noticed that Michael’s album covers aren’t updated. What I mean is that Spotify offers the option to put motion pictures (I dont know how these are called, maybe gifs?) as a song...
  3. Doggone

    McDonald’s franchise in the Netherlands removes HIStory statue

    Another kick in our back. A McDonald’s restaurant in Best, the Netherlands has decided to remove the MJ statue, to please customerd who feel uncomfortable seeing. The franchiser says that McDonald’s itself wanted the statue removed, and not the franchiser. Another company to boycott :) The...
  4. Doggone

    The Achievements of Every Album

    Hey guys I was thinking maybe we should make a threat whereby we list all achievement's that each album gained. I'll start and then I will add later more. I don't have much time to write each achievement for every album, nor do I know all achievements. So feel free to help! I will edit this...
  5. Doggone

    New Ghosts 1993 Footage

    Shana Mangatal released a new video with possible new footage of Ghosts from 1993. I'm not sure if this is a new footage, but thought should share it with you guys.
  6. Doggone

    107 Facts about MJ

    MicDrop uploaded yesterday a 107 facts about MJ. It takes around 29 minutes, but it's worth watching it :D It's a shame that most of the facts are focused on his works with Quincy Jones, especially on Thriller. Not much is said about Dangerous, History and Invincible. A real shame.
  7. Doggone

    Billboard Greatest Of All Time, Michael in top 10

    The end of the year is nearing so a new ''Greatest of All Time'' is published by Billboard. Billboard published a new list with Greatest Artists of All Time, ranking Michael on #8 and Janet on #7. Funny to see the siblings ranked behind each other. Ranking in the Top 10 is a great thing, but...
  8. Doggone

    Best album cover

    Seeing so much ''Best....'' topics, I wondered what you guys think about the best album cover. :D EDIT: EVEN THOUGH THE POLL LETS YOU VOTE FOR MULTIPLE CHOICES, YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO VOTE FOR ONE!
  9. Doggone

    Documentary Michael Jackson: Life of an Icon

    I just watched the documentary Michael Jackson: Life Of An Icon. Damn I never cried like a little girl. But during the documentary I doubted the credibility on some points. In the documentary some famous people, friends and family members appeared. Two people in the documentary caught my...
  10. Doggone

    Taylor Swift wants to become the new Thriller

    Is she for real? :crackingup::lmao: She's starting to sound like Kanye West... This gurl funny... She needs social media and 17 celeb friends to top Mike. :rofl:
  11. Doggone

    Michael's last Moonwalk

    Maybe a stupid question... But I was watching clips from This Is It again and it caught my attention that Michael didn't do the moonwalk on his rehearsal for Billie Jean. Then I was thinking when did Michael do his ''last'' moonwalk actually? Was it at the concerts for this 30th anniversary at...
  12. Doggone

    Was Billboard treating Michael unfair?

    Billboard has lots of different lists of the best selling singles or albums. Every category has its own rules. When Michael died in 2009 he sold 1.1 million albums in just 1 week. He had 9 albums in the Top 10 Top Pop Catalogs Albums chart. But unfortunately the albums were not allowed to enter...
  13. Doggone

    Opportunity to choose Mike's 13 #1 singles

    As you know Michael has 13 number one singles on his name as a solo artist and 4 extra with the Jackson 5. Michael's 13 number one singles were as followed: But.... What if you had the opportunity to choose Mike's 13 number one singles? What would it be? You can pick any songs, but these...
  14. Doggone

    Michael Jackson stored DNA to create Clones

    Hi Guys, I was Googling on Michael to see if their was any news about him. Looking on the 2nd page of Google. I found 2 news articles about him. Well it's not a surprise that Michael makes, every now and then, the news. But this story IS BULLSHIT! Even after his death people won't stop...
  15. Doggone

    Singles that weren't released in the US

    As you guys all know Michael didn't release some single in the US but he did release them elsewhere such as in Europe, Australia, Asia, South America or Canada. Or there are even single that are pretty good that he didn't even release as a single. Give In To Me, Liberian Girl, Leave Me Alone...
  16. Doggone

    Freddie Mercury duet w/ MJ may come out this year

    After hearing nothing for a long time about Mercury's song, State of Shock, featuring the King rumors go that it finally may be released this year. It seems that the Estate is being difficult about giving permission to release the duet. :big_boss: If it is going to be released it will be on the...
  17. Doggone

    Michael has the best VMA Performance of all time

    Yet again... The King shows why he is The King of Pop... No The KING OF ENTERTAINMENT! :woohoo: Michael's 1995 VMA performance is chosen the best of all VMA performances. Rocking with Slash, moonwalking, on stage costume changing, Billie Jeaning and everything else! :punk: On 2nd place is...
  18. Doggone

    Best Live Performance by MJ or any other artist

    Hi Guys! I was just watching Michael's MTV 10th anniversary performance and it just made me realize that this was the best performance EVER performed by an artist... His performance had EVERYTHING! An elevator and a car on stage, a whole pack of back up dancers on stage, a perfect stage design...
  19. Doggone

    Will You Be There Live

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if there is a full or partial live version (like real live, no lip sync) of Will You Be There. I know that the rehearsal of WYBT for the Dangerous Tour where live but during the rehearsals he doesn't sing the whole song live. (You should see the rehearsal of WYBT...
  20. Doggone

    Bad Tour in Australia did MJ Perform Just Good Friends live w/ Stevie Wonder ?

    Hi Guys, I read somewhere on the internet that there was a live version of Just Good Friends with Stevie Wonders on a concert in Brisbane or Sydney. But I can't find any video of the live performance. Do you guys know if there is any footage of the performance at all? Just Good Friends is a...