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  1. mjjmsc

    important past news

    I was a little sad lately because it looks like things got quiet, even on this forum I see less fans and not a lot of new topics...I think we should try to spice things up:yes: an idea would be for all of us to write one good news and one bad news that changed the reality for us, that made us...
  2. mjjmsc

    recap of all the facts/ dates

    Please can someone do a recap? what are the facts that we know so far, what the judge will allow the jurors to hear, when all the jurors will be selected, what is the timeline for this trial, when it will actually start? thank you very much!
  3. mjjmsc

    music,the most honest part of Michael

    don't you think Michael is really honest in his music?the messages are full of truth.he can't say in interviews all that he is telling in songs. i just love that he has so many songs in which he is so critical about human behaviours (sex,money,abuse of power..)his own acts or society... he is...
  4. mjjmsc

    we need a change of attitude

    i notice that it's so quiet on this forum this days...and it's a shame that we talked so much more when things were bad for Michael...pages and pages...and now nothing... we all want a new album but we could talk a little about the changes that happened after the trial.the press is not in love...
  5. mjjmsc

    Merry Christmas-Moonwalker's original video

    this is our video for all Michael Jackson's fans:D Jackson 5-Santa Claus is comig to town :)
  6. mjjmsc

    Thriller 25/New album

    there are a lot of news about Thriller 25,but none about the new album.i think Thriller 25 is a very nice project, it gives the new generation the chance to enjoy a great album.THE BEST! but what about the new album?maybe there will not be any ?does Michael wants to choose this time a new way...
  7. mjjmsc

    Blood on the dancefloor video

    which video made for Blood on the dancefloor do you love more-the original one or the one for the remix song? i like more the one for the remix because they show Mcihael doing more dance moves:)in this video you can really see that even if he is more of an individual dancer he can dance just...