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  1. mjjmsc

    MJ Good News Thread

    Very nice action, Michael would have liked this!
  2. mjjmsc

    MJ Good News Thread

    Taraborrelli is not really a reliable source, he just likes to make money...
  3. mjjmsc

    MJ Good News Thread

    Such a cool thread, positive things keep poring in :-D
  4. mjjmsc

    Your favorite MJ videos

    Re: Whats your favorite MJ video of the day Smooth criminal
  5. mjjmsc

    Marlon Brando Made Michael Jackson Cry Over Molestation Claims

    This people are crazy. Marlon Brando confronted Michael, Michael cried and didn't admit to any wrong doing. Marlon stayed friends with Michael until the end. Even Sneddom didn't consider the testamony any good...
  6. mjjmsc

    Michael Jackson: Chase The Truth

    Thank you for this rebuttal of the lies!
  7. mjjmsc

    Why Do People Sexualize Michael?

    Michael was quite a passionate man, you can listen to lots of his songs :tongue:
  8. mjjmsc

    Hold My Hand...

    I like Michael's voice after Bad, it became more a grown-up voice :-) And this is a very nice song...
  9. mjjmsc

    Missy Elliott to receive the MTV's MICHAEL JACKSON VIDEO VANGUARD AWARD

    I'm glad MTV kept the name and Missy Elliott said the entire name!
  10. mjjmsc

    Michael Jackson: Chase The Truth

    I'm glad they made a positive documentary, it is really needed :-) Even if there aren't new things, it is important to put things as they are. I'm tired of all these liars... I hope I will have the chance to see this positive documentary soon.
  11. mjjmsc

    The Estate vs HBO

    I'm glad the Estate did something against HBO... It will be a long battle and unfortunately the damage is done. These liars and profit seekers don't let our dear Michael alone :-(
  12. mjjmsc

    MJ and Vocal Brutism.

    Rough shows a lot of passion, I love this in his singing :-)
  13. mjjmsc

    Why didnt Mj perform at Live Aid?

    Some black artists were not invited to participate. So Michael also refused the invitation. Solidarity.
  14. mjjmsc

    Did MJ Have ANY Faults?

    Of course Michael had many faults, he was a human being. What we treasure most about him is the way he reacted when life was bad to him, he knew how to raise back when life put him down and he never became bitter, he remained a caring person.
  15. mjjmsc

    The Album Cover

    Re: Invincible Album cover Photography is art, each photograph has his own vision, maybe some appeal to us, maybe some don't, that is quite normal with art.
  16. mjjmsc

    Judge Dismisses Wade Robson's 2016 Molestation Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson

    It is very good that this stupid case is dismissed and I'm sorry to see someone like this kid get so screwed up and eager for money!
  17. mjjmsc

    Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    Interesting, it is an album of old tracks, maybe release related to Halloween!