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  1. Derek1984

    Has anyone seen this in IMAX yet?

    I watched it last night in digital projection. Tonight I am going to IMAX. Anyone that has seen it played at an IMAX, how was it?
  2. Derek1984

    Anyone think there could one day be an interview

    With Paris and/or Prince Michael? It would be interesting to know how much of a great father Michael was and to hear it first hand from the kids. I know now is obviously not the right time, but maybe a few years from now we can get an interview. I'm sure it would show how Michael was like in...
  3. Derek1984

    Was there new music to be performed

    At the This Is It concerts? Just curious if anyone knows this or not.
  4. Derek1984

    Billboard: Jackson was working on 2 albums
  5. Derek1984

    New info on Michael's unreleased music

    Sorry, I am at work and couldn't copy and paste the article, only the link.
  6. Derek1984

    Anybody else find it eerie

    That Michael's memorial will most likely be at the Staples Center. The place where he last performed for a rehearsal. I'm not sure exactly why, but I just find it kind of creepy.
  7. Derek1984

    What if we get new album plus dvd

    What if they ever were to release the new album Michael was working on plus an edition that would include the dvd of "This Is It" that was recorded. Imagine the sales of something like that, especially if nothing leaked beforehand. I don't even think stores would be able to keep up with demand...
  8. Derek1984

    Worried about Michael's new recordings

    We've known for quite sometime now that Michael was working on a new album for the past several years. What's been recorded and finished, we have no idea. But we do know that there is new music. So I am worried about where this music is right now. I am worried that someone is going to...
  9. Derek1984

    Something not right here

    Why is the doctor nowhere to be found? After listening to the 911 tape, I am left even more sad, and even more confused.
  10. Derek1984

    I think Michael has more #1 hits in store

    Trying to stay positive here and deal with this sadness, I think that Michael will have more #1 songs. His music career is not nearly finished. I would expect that he has recorded enough material within the last 4 years to have a finished album, and that some of those songs will go to #1...
  11. Derek1984

    What happens to the unreleased stuff?

    We know tons and tons of recorded material exists. Songs like: Iowa (1977) Goin' To Rio (1978) Buffalo Bill (1984) Men In Black (1990) The tracks recorded from Bad, including a possible collab with George Michael All outtakes from the albums... The more recent music recorded with...
  12. Derek1984

    A legend has passed but his music will live forever.

    Thank you Michael for all that you have done. I will always love you.
  13. Derek1984

    How many managers has Michael had in his career?

    Just curious if anyone would know the answer to this. Since Joe Jackson, how many managers has Michael had?
  14. Derek1984

    Could MJ's next album take over 10 years to make?

    I just read the other day that Guns N' Roses is releasing a new album called "Chinese Democracy". I guess they have been working on the album for over 10 years! How this ties into Michael is that I believe that it is a good possibility that Michael could take just as long, if not longer...
  15. Derek1984

    "Nobody" by Ne-Yo not on his album? It seems like Ne-Yo has announced the final tracklisting for his album "Year Of The Gentlemen". What seems like a shocking surprise to me is the song "Nobody" missing. Ne-Yo admitted that this song was an attempt to...
  16. Derek1984

    Agua de Beber...Michael Jackson?

    Well I am a huge fan of Will.I.Am so I decided to give a listen to his newest work, "Encanto" by Sergio Mendes. Will.I.Am contributes to a couple songs on here (I like them all by the way) and when I listen to the main chorus of the song "Agua de Beber", I can't help but think I am hearing...