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  1. SmoothCriminal1995

    What song does Michael Sing?

    Does anyone know what song or commercial jingle, Michael sings in the Speed Demon behind the scenes video shot by Karen Faye. It's about 44 seconds into the video, this has been bothering me for years. It would make a great ringtone Thanks in advance
  2. SmoothCriminal1995

    New MJ Music In 2020? So I seen this post on Twitter the other day and I'm not sure what to make of it. Could new MJ music be on it's way? Let's hope so, what do you guys think?
  3. SmoothCriminal1995

    What song would you'd have wanted MJ and Prince to duet on?

    For me an MJ song I think they could've done together would've been the demo She Got It (but a finished version) Mainly because it sounds like Mike is going for that Prince Minneapolis funk on it and I'm surprised how well it suits him. I love that bass lick, I wish it was ever so slightly more...
  4. SmoothCriminal1995

    Are The Dr Freeze Sessions Vocally The Best Of MJ's Career?

    I was listening to the 3 Dr Freeze produced tracks again and I'm still blown away by how magnificent Mike sounds in them songs. He had everything is those sessions, the power, the depth, his falsetto was effortless and those runs were amazing. In my opinion this is the best Michael sounded...
  5. SmoothCriminal1995

    Was It A Mistake Not Broadcasting The 2005 Trial Live ?

    Now hear me out. I was talking to my girlfriend about this tonight and I don't think we would be in this situation now if they would have broadcast the trial live, like the OJ trial, I don't think public opinion would be against Michael as much as it appears today. The best example of this was...
  6. SmoothCriminal1995

    The MJ and Quincy Demos?

    Are there any unreleased demos from Off The Wall, Thriller and mainly Bad, that we haven't heard that nearly made the record? I don't just mean demo's MJ worked on solely, I'm talking about demo's that made it to Westlake and nearly made the album, that perhaps Quincy is blocking the release of...
  7. SmoothCriminal1995

    Will the Estate release something for Michael's 60th Birthday?

    Do you think the estate will release anything to commemorate what would have been Michael's 60th birthday? I've heard very thin rumours there are plans to release a song but I don't know whether that was simple speculation or a plan they had. I haven't heard anything about this since last month...
  8. SmoothCriminal1995

    Why does nobody talk about the vocal change between Thriller and Bad?

    Why does nobody really mention how Michael's voice changed between Thriller and Bad? Critics in 1987 seemed to be obsessed with his face, the rumours and the sales but they barely spoke about the music, the change in singing style or the fact that he took charge of the writing of the Bad album...
  9. SmoothCriminal1995

    Live At Wembley 30 Years ago Today

    Hey guys, I just noticed the date and I wanted to acknowledge it was 30 years ago today MJ performed at Wembley, thee concert being the one released with BAD 25. I loved it. This is what I as a fan, waited for and wanted most out of everything to see my hero live and at his absolute peak (in my...
  10. SmoothCriminal1995

    New John Cameron MJ Segment

    John Cameron released a new behind the scenes look at his latest work. For those who don't know who he is, he did a great MJ audio documentary about the Dangerous era, including leaking the Men In Black snippet...
  11. SmoothCriminal1995

    Your Favourite MJ Summer Song

    This UK heat wave got me thinking this morning, what is my favourite MJ summer song? Personally I wish Michael would have released a few more up-tempo summer style tracks after Thriller. I remember he was offered La Isla Bonita before it was given to Madonna. Anyways I would say mine would be...
  12. SmoothCriminal1995

    New Victory Tour HQ Picture

    Michael's official twitter posted this today It's a very classic Mike picture. I really like it
  13. SmoothCriminal1995

    Which Demo Do You Wish Michael Finished?

    Okay firstly you can only choose one and it must be either vocally or lyrically incomplete, like Free or Beautiful Girl, it can't be like Slave To The Rhythm or A Place With No Name. I'm going to say In The Back, because as a song it interests me so much and we know so little about it. I love...
  14. SmoothCriminal1995

    How was Streetwalker strong enough for Bad?

    Firstly I love Streetwalker, it's one of my favourite outtakes from any era and the vocal performance is fantastic (reminds me of TWYMMF) also I love how funky it is. With that being said, how was Streetwalker ever considered strong enough for Bad? I know the version we have (the 2001 special...
  15. SmoothCriminal1995

    Is There Complete Version of In The Back?

    :praying Please let there be a vocally complete version of this song The song is one of the best unreleased songs I've heard, in terms of emotion, impact and potential. It's musically complete and the soundscape is one of the most rich from the HIStory era, the instrumental break is divine...
  16. SmoothCriminal1995

    Price Of Fame Potential

    I listened to this song again this morning and it struck me how strong this song is. I've always loved it but there's something about that is extra special. I remember when it came out on Bad 25 and how addicted I was to this song, so as much I loved it my judgement was clouded, but nearly 5...
  17. SmoothCriminal1995

    Is There A Type Of Music You Wish MJ Would Have Explored More?

    Personally I wish Mike would have explored Latin music a little more, especially classical guitar driven Spanish. When he did exploit it a little on Whatever Happens with Santana, it was nothing short of magic. With that being said one thing I loved about Michael's music is it's global feel...
  18. SmoothCriminal1995

    Some Questions About The Making Of BAD Album Documentary 1987

    Mainly do we know much about it? I'm sure someone on here said when it was shot, it was titled Behind The Beat. I know we see parts of it in BAD 25 (JGF with Stevie, IJCSLY) It would be fantastic to see MJ at work in the studio on this masterpiece of an album. I would love the estate to...
  19. SmoothCriminal1995

    A Place With No Name Spino Version?

    Does anyone remember this version? It came out around 2011 it's quiet good, the guy has a decent voice, it is the exact same as MJ's version, the lyrics and the style its sung. He clearly heard MJ's version. So my question is, does anyone know who Spino is? Or how he knew about A Place With No Name?
  20. SmoothCriminal1995

    Does anyone have this picture in HQ ?

    Does anybody have this pic in HQ without a watermark please :D