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  1. Billie Jean 78

    Coronavirus Thread

    Michael related Corona death It appears Manu Dibango (the Cameroonian singer Michael sampled a riff from in WBSS) died today from Corona: I didn't even know Michael's riff had been sampled. By the looks of it Michael was sued as late as in February 2009 (!!!) and...
  2. Billie Jean 78

    Michael Jackson (1991-2002)

    I was born in 1978 and became a fan in 1991. Old enough to remember very well the Dnagerous years as I was in high school I can without any doubt say that (at least in Europe) Michael was gigantic in the Dangerous era. The Opra interview had extremely big exposure, he had done several tv...
  3. Billie Jean 78

    10th One Rose for Michael J. Jackson, Roses for June 25th 2019

    Does anybody have the information about how many roses were bought at the exact same time the previous years?
  4. Billie Jean 78

    10th One Rose for Michael J. Jackson, Roses for June 25th 2019

    How long is it possible to buy the roses, so they will be included in this year's tribute?
  5. Billie Jean 78


    I hear Michael's songs on the radio and in bars/shops more fequently now than I did before LN!!! I would assume the media have overstated the effect of the mocumentary.
  6. Billie Jean 78

    Motown didn't mention Michael or the Jacksons for it's 60th Anniversary

    Motown 60th probably is the last decade show of Motown where Berry Gordy and Diana Ross are on it. Leaving out Michael on this show is even more significative because of that because the next decade show will be less important. They scr**d up big time!!
  7. Billie Jean 78

    Motown didn't mention Michael or the Jacksons for it's 60th Anniversary

    Me too (pun intended), I feel let down by their decision not to mention him and his brothers. He was by far their biggest star!!
  8. Billie Jean 78

    Wiesner-documentation over Michael in German TV

    I liked it too - it contained new video footage of Michael and they didn't emphasize neither 1993 nor 2005. It was a good documentary and even Wiesner sounded honest and fair.
  9. Billie Jean 78

    Michael Jackson TV Alerts Thread

    I watched the VOX documentary and it was really good. Contained new footage!
  10. Billie Jean 78

    Joe Jackson Dies, Aged 89 (27/06/18)

    I'm going to add my five cents to the latest happening... Obviously Joe's passing is a happening worth thinking about. For me personally it's difficult to have a clear opinion about someone who was such a genius as a manager and such a bad father figure (or husband for that matter!). Clearly...
  11. Billie Jean 78

    Michael Jackson's 60th Birthday Celebration 2018 Worldwide

    It's kind of surreal thinking about Michael and 60. I wonder what he would be doing at this age? Where would his career have taken him?
  12. Billie Jean 78

    Michael Jackson Scream - The Album

    Wow, this is actually really well made and it fits the music. I love the little extras/added sounds!!
  13. Billie Jean 78

    Celebrating The King Of Pop's 59th Birthday

    Who's number one? The Queen? I love the memorial in Munich, I think it's awesome that the authorities have been allowing this for all this time. It looks great and it's so cool seeing people passing by and noticing it. I was there this summer and there was a tourist guide with a group of...
  14. Billie Jean 78

    The MJ Vevo Certified Thread

    Does anybody know what other non short films video of Michael has the highest number of views on Youtube? I'm thinking of special performances, concerts, TV shows, interviews, specials...
  15. Billie Jean 78

    Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    But they would have to have filmed it with Michael. Who knows indeed what they managed to do with him in the lead up to TII!
  16. Billie Jean 78

    Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    Somehow I don't see this happening - Michael from 2009 in a 1983 video. Unless they do a Back-to-the-future kind of plot, but I doubt they would have enough material to do that.
  17. Billie Jean 78

    Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    No, no, the shocking surprise won't only be his arm reaching for the audience, but a hologram taking over at that exact moment and giving a live dance sequence.
  18. Billie Jean 78

    Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    Hmm, I'm gonna make everybody here crazy with this one, but how about this as the shocking surprise - Michael refilmed the Thriller coreography in 2008 for T25 but for some reason it was never used. Not the time has come...:jump: Probably it's something else though :rollin:
  19. Billie Jean 78

    Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D

    I must have missed that motion ;) In that case we could rule out nr. 2 and 3 as well because I'd say that adding vocals would mean reediting. What else could be shocking? Hmm, could it be connected to a recertification of Thriller's sales maybe?