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  1. KayDee

    The Maestro wishes you a Happy Halloween!

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! ❤️ Yup, MJ as the Maestro from Ghosts. (my favourite MJ movie). I just had to draw the Maestro for Halloween. :p
  2. KayDee

    Give Into Me

    Inspired by my favourite song, Give Into Me. Original pose, used no reference other than to double check his outfit is about right. I love drawing that man.
  3. KayDee


    NVM. Double posted
  4. KayDee

    Happy Birthday Michael!

    Click here to fullview it This picture caused me so much grief, and I only JUST finished it. (and its 5 in the morning!) But it was worth it! Happy birthday, you beautiful man!
  5. KayDee

    Wallpapers, Sigs and Graphics, oh my!

    Updated on 7th December! you can find new updates on last page. I take requests! Feel free to PM me! _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ .:Signature Banners:. (I take requests :) feel free to use these and let me know but please...
  6. KayDee

    My Fanart of Michael Jackson

    Hello everyone. Been a silent member for a few years but I thought I'd share my artwork with you guys. Its weird ... when MJ was alive - his music would inspire me to draw, but I never drew pictures of him. I have been a fan of him since I was little, for about 15, 16 years... and I felt I...