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    Raising Money For A New Community Forum

    How exciting! Donated. Come on guys!
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    Urgent: Balance needed

    Just chipped in.
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    Dangerous Tour outfit or HIStory Tour outfit?

    I like the body lines better with the dangerous outfit because of the contrasting colors but the leotard, specifically the front of it, still throws me off somehow. I guess I'll have to go with history..
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    Favourite Era for Short Films?

    Beat it and Thriller are top 5 for me, but so is Come Together... and black or white. it's hard!
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    Best of Joy - Original Version

    I love best of joy.. the lyrics are so simple but something about his voice and the sweetness in his delivery makes me sad.
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    Is this photo real?

    I also hadn’t seen these 2 photos prior to this year, anyone know where they may have come from?
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    Best MJ-related social media accounts

    I'll definitely check out some of the French ones you listed, as I'm trying to not forget my French! MJfangirl I like as well.. and I personally enjoy trapson as well. I know some people have issues with him.. idk. My favorite YouTube reactor is a music teacher named Valerie White Williams. I...
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    Best MJ-related social media accounts

    What are some of your favorite or go-to Twitter and Instagram pages, or YouTube channels you follow for MJ news or stories (or anything Mj related..)? I follow a range of people, from silly fan accounts, to people I sometimes regret following but still follow for the stories.. (such as...
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    YouTube Channel 'The Detail' [MERGED]

    It doesn't really bother me. as a YouTuber myself, I'm glad there are other fans making MJ content that is put together in an entertaining way.. after all, that's what'll draw more fans to him. with all the negativity out there I think there are other things to be negative about.
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    The list of people, you want to avoid.

    James Corden - looks like he’s getting what he deserves for disrespecting Michael, as well as the LGBT community.
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    Best THE JACKSONS (incl. MJ) album?

    Re: best THE JACKSONS (incl. MJ) album? Triumph is my favorite album of all time. I think it's a masterpiece, and Michael's vocals and energy are just insane
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    The Gold Pants Appreciation Thread;-)

    UM GUYS --- I....did it just....... for research purposes I urgently need to know what show this was LOLOL.
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    Post Your Favourite MJ Picture of the Day

    this cracked me up this morning, I don't think I remember seeing this somehow
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    March 1 1996 interrogation - Longer version

    for real. he was the most frivolously sued person ever :(
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    March 1 1996 interrogation - Longer version

    I haven't seen a version of this where the 2 available clips of this interrogation are combined, so here it is. hard to watch, but serves as a good reminder of what he was put through, all for $$. Also added a court doc in the folder in case you want to read more about the aftermath...
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    Favourite J5 Studio Album

    You should make this a poll! For me it’s either G.I.T. or Moving violation.. i love them all though lol
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    Michael Jackson & the binary, etc.

    Yes that's exactly it. Same here, I think about it all the time... he really didn't care what people thought in so many ways.
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    Michael Jackson & the binary, etc.

    You're right. I wish he hadn't been judged so harshly for it during his lifetime.. yeah I remember something Seth Riggs said about that on a couple occasions I think.
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    Michael Jackson & the binary, etc.

    I’ve wanted to say this on more than one occasion (occasionally on MJJC, very often on YouTube, but why even bother there) but I haven’t felt like throwing the conversation off.. Does anyone else notice how screwed up the fandom can be when it comes to how we perceive and react to Michael’s...