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  1. CapnG

    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    Re: [TMZ] New child molestation claim by Wade Robson Oh God. Bullshit! Why can't people just let MJ rest in peace?
  2. CapnG

    Bad 25TH Anniversary "Wembley Stadium Tribute"

    I'm SOOOOOO excited for this DVD!! September can't come fast enough!
  3. CapnG

    IJCSLY Single with "Don't Be Messin' Round" bonus track [Discussion]

    Re: IJCSLY re-issue with "Don't Be Messin' Around" bonus track I'm sooooooo excited!!!!!!
  4. CapnG

    DVD The unauthorised documentary of michael jackson

    Re: don't buy this DVD about unauthorised documentary of michael jackson I think it's HORRIBLE how many people are using Michael's name to get money. Let the man rest in peace!!!! I will NOT be purchasing that DVD and I hope the Estate takes legal action against the man who put it out.
  5. CapnG

    Best Concert Movie – Readers Poll _ Keep Voting

    How is Lady Gaga winning by so much? That makes me sad. :(
  6. CapnG

    Going to Florida, need quick info about Captain EO! :)

    I remember seeing it at Disney World in 1988 when I was 3 (many times in 1 day) and then again at Tokyo Disney Land in 2011 (many times in 1 day)!! It's AMAZING!! I wanna see it again at Disney World. LOL!!
  7. CapnG

    My New Michael Jackson Collections Three

    Omg I want those picks!!!!!!!!!! Where??
  8. CapnG

    BAD 25 - 2012 - General Discussion [Closed] please cont. discussion in BAD25 Announcement thread

    Re: Future MJ Projects from Estate - Bad World Tour DVD I'm desperate for this! I never got to see him in concert as I was too young. I NEED this to be released!! Lol!!
  9. CapnG

    Madonna Producer: “She Has Succeeded Where Michael Jackson Failed”

    *falls over laughing and clutching sides* Is this guy for real? That is complete and utter bull crap!!!!!!!
  10. CapnG

    The Future Of Captain EO - Cast your VOTE

    Re: The Future Of Captain EO Keep it forever!! I remember seeing it at Disneyworld in 1988 and then again in Tokyo Disneyland in 2011! I want it to become a permanent attraction!!
  11. CapnG

    MJ Estate Sues Tohme Tohme / Tohme Countersues / Tohme's Complaint [Merged]

    Re: MJ Estate sues Tohme Tohme I'm glad. It's about time!
  12. CapnG

    New video in production for Joe Vogel's book-"Man in the Music..." - Fans can participate.

    Re: New video in production for Joe Vogel's book-"Man in the Music..." - Fans can participate. I just sent in 2 pictures of me with the book!! :)
  13. CapnG

    2 new books about Michael

    That's adorable!
  14. CapnG

    The X Factor USA -- It’s Michael Jackson Week!

    I've seen this show but if they're honoring MJ by singing his songs I will most definitely be tuning in tonight. :D
  15. CapnG

    Michael Jackson's Hair Set To Be Auctioned

    That's horrible. Michael would be furious if he was alive and knew this stuff was happening, using his name to make tons of money. I'm disappointed in the people doing this.
  16. CapnG

    Glee Covers MJ Again - Update: Show to air Jan 31, 2012

    Re: Glee Covers MJ Again I think that it's awesome that Glee has done a bunch of his songs now. No they will never measure up to MJ but they obviously REALLY like him!
  17. CapnG

    Murray Documentary "Michael Jackson and the Doctor"

    Re: MSNBC to air Conrad Murray Documentary "Michael Jackson and the Doctor" at 10 p.m. ET Friday Nov That's disgusting...Murray's disgusting...and MSNBC are disgusting for airing that.