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    What's Your Most Listened to Album?

    Re: What's your most listened to album? Hmmm Thriller and Dangerous.
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    Favorite MJ outfit?

    This outfit hands down
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    One Rose for Michael Jackson at Forest Lawn - June 25th 2017

    I plan on buying 3 as soon as I get my first paycheck this Friday :D This is awesome.
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    Pretty good version of P.Y.T

    It sounds like something you'd hear while shopping at Forever21.
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    MJ clothing line by Supreme may be in the works.

    They serious? I could make those on a custom clothing design website...uh Supreme is overpriced anyways.
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    Michael Jackson Image Search (Social Game)

    Find a pic of Michael showing off big underwear with birds on his hands
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    Whos is Michael to you?

    double post, my bad.
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    Whos is Michael to you?

    I was born in best friend. I mean that's cool and all but I feel like August works better for me. Lmao who got January? Sorry 4 u :)
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    Y'all get in here and look at this mess.

    She don't need to be on Dr. Phill she needs to be at her local psychiatrist.
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    Sometimes MJ's lyrics just hit you

    Yesss. I was listening to Earth Song and I just started crying. I don't know if it's just because i'm being emotional today but this isn't the first time his lyrics made me cry. When you listen to Earth Song and listen to the lyrics, you think of what's going on in the world right now and what...
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    Michael Jackson Image Search (Social Game)

    Michael wearing overalls :)
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? Mood
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    Michael - Cute in THriller? =)

    I think you mistyped the word hot... :D
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    How Are You Feeling Today?

    Re: How are you feeling today? They hate me because i'm quiet and they think i'm weird. Even when I try to do something nice someone always has something to say. I'm tired of it. I hate school and if I didn't care about my education I'd just drop out.
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    Another part of me =)

    It's one of my favorite songs on Bad
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    How Are You Feeling Today?

    Re: How are you feeling today? Thanks for the reply. To answer your question, yes there are nice people but I only have 1 good friend just like your sister did. But she's pretty quiet too and the only time I see her is at lunch. I'll just push through school, I am already halfway through my...
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    Michael to be subject of a Barbara Walters TV special.

    I watched it today. Didn't like how they focused on the allegations and stuff, but it's the ID channel so that is to be expected. I love the new footage and TJ has an amazing smile :) it was also cute at the end when that adorable french kid came up to Michael for an autograph. He seemed a...
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    How Are You Feeling Today?

    Re: How are you feeling today? I'm sick and tired of these kids at my school y'all. I was on the bus and this girl threw her heavy ass bookbag at my face as she was trying to throw it to someone else. Everyone laughed except for the girl next to me. The girl who did it said a half-ass "sorry"...
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    Do you consider Don't Stop Til You Get Enough a classic?

    It's a matter of opinion I guess. I feel like DTSYGE is a pop masterpiece. The song does a great job of making people feel like getting up and dancing, And that's why it's so popular and such a historic song for MJ. And composition? I can't really talk about that aspect of it because I'm not a...