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  1. TialovesMJ

    KOP memebers please enter ..

    Has anyone tried logging in over there? An error keeps popping up. IDk whats going on?
  2. TialovesMJ

    The cold...

    How long has anyone's cold lasted for?? Im asking because i've had the cold for a week now and it hasn't went away yet.. :angry: I've tried taking cold medicines, cough drops,nasal sprays..nothing works. And now today i developed a cough grrrrrrrr. I went to the doctors yesterday but they didnt...
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    Christina Aguilera:Happy B-day.. Discuss her music. Pics. included if you want.

    I just wanted to say to her: HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYY to you!!! Keep singing your heart out.
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    A touching story..

    I got this from the KOP board posted by MJTLS. I found this story very it is : Excert from Malika Chopra's book 100 Promises To My Baby One of my closest friends, Grace Rwaramba, shared the following story with me. Grace had returned to Uganda to visit her mother, who was...
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    Question.. If anyone knows

    I have a lump right underneath my ear, I just discovered it this morning. Is it serious?Im going to the doctors to get it checked. Maybe its just a lymph node or something? Should i be that concerned?
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    MJ 1995 VMA pic. request.

    This has already been made I think.. But I was wondering if anyone had some pics. of MJ from the VMA awards ,please and thanks :)
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    I was just wondering if anyone, well ladies in particular to give me advice..I need an opinion, but if any ladies can help can you just PM me? Thanks :)
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    Hey everyone. I have a question. Its kind of dumb. But anyways does anyone have any good studying techniques?? I really need some new ones( i read the material over about 3 times, but still no luck!), because mine aren't working. Maybe I need to write down info. over and over again to memorize...
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    Remeber the Time

    Was the song Remeber the time dedicated "with Love to Diana Ross"?? just wondering??
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    Various drawings....

    Here are some different drawings i did!!!! yeah yeah, it is not perfection(the drawings) but I think its cool!!! Try and guess who these people are :P
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    I am gonna celebrate my 21st b-day in Vegas, i'm leaving tomorrow even though i don't turn 21 until August 8th..Does anyone know where to go, I mean site seeing wise?If anyone has been there???Thanks and HAPPY B-day to everyone whose B-day is this week!!:holiday:
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    Michael Jackson's Curls.

    Post some Pictures of Michael Jackson's curls here!!! here are some pictures: :D ..................
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    Your First concert ever.

    Hey everyone.. What was the first concert you have ever been to and was it fun and what did you experience?? Mine was Earth Wind and Fire when i was 8 or 9 yrs. old with my father, my little sister and her mother a other daughters!!!:D I remeber someone fainted at the concert and i remeber My...
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    Aaliyah Drawing I did...

    Here is an Aaliyah drawing i did, Hey at least I Tried... I guess it's ok, I am improving though.. Please don't be harsh, it can't be that bad..:lmao: ok here it is : From a far.... Up close... Hope you guys like it!!:D
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    My Non- MJ drawings

    Here are some drawings I did.. They may have came out too light,sorry if they did. umm I am drawng pictures of my Aunt and uncles kitten they found, they made a story..yeah lmao..anyways here are some pictures: the cat is cute: little girls with the kitten Clients at the gym with kitten...
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    REQ. Michael Running

    Does anyone have pictures of MJ running????:D :girl_dance:
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    More of MJbabe's Drawings

    HERE ARE MY RECENT DRAWINGS THAT I JUST FININISHED TODAY: FROM A FAR: CLOSE UP: Ahh i guess it's ok?? more :) : Here is my drawing of MJ from a far: here is the same one up close:
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    MJ women's T-shirt???

    Hey does anyone know a good site where i can find an MJ women's T-shirt..????Thanks :)
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    REQ. Captain Eo pictures.???

    Can someone please post Captain Eo pictures..I love that short film.. hehehe hopefully this hasn't been posted before.
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    More of my MJ drawings... UPDATED JUN.24

    I think I am improving in my drawings over all. Here are some more of My Mj drawings.. hope you guys like them!!!:) MY RECENT MJ DRAWING I JUST DID RIGHT HERE :): FROM A FAR: UP CLOSE: here is one of my MJ drawings far away^^^^ *I did some fixing up to this it may look a...