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  1. TillitsGone

    Comic Relief - Secret to Jermaine Jackson's Hair

    I got this Youtube and it's from the rickey Smiley Morning Show. It is very... it's better left unsaid, lol. Posted back in December of 2009.
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    Something is missing.

    and it's you Michael. Lately I have been trying to stay strong, and it's working out alright. I eat, sleep, function, and basically try not to let your passing effect my waking life. In a way, I feel odd at most sometimes, cause you're gone and I'm still doing the same things, still here, still...
  3. TillitsGone

    Feel like leaving from here 4 awhile...

    It's just no good for me at this point of my life... or at least that's how I feel, cause I have a habit of avoidance from things that hurt, but have to be dealt with, in a way. Does this mean that it'll be the end of my fandom; no. I'll always love Michael, and cherish my experiences from it...
  4. TillitsGone

    Can't carry the burden anymore...

    ... so I choose to just distance myself away from it. Tired of feeling bad, tired of feeling sad, guilty, lost... I just don't wanna deal with ti anymore. I'm tired of questioning it, I'm tired of trying to figure it out, I can't do it. Why should I do it, does it get me anywhere, does it change...
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    Rant on this tragedy and situation

    Earlier today, I was crying sad but now, its time to go apeshit on thisc rap. I am so fucking angry, not really angry but just bitter... I can't believe he's gone. I cain't believe this is really happening. Look at everything that's happened in more than a month's time. Michael had concerts...
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    This is a poem from my father's father who passed away a week ago, but I thought I'd share it on behalf of Michael, too. :) It's from his obituary. Asleep I've closed my eyes and fallen asleep So there's no reason for you to weep. This is a debt we all must pay but it is a sweet and peaceful...
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    It pains me to see...

    ... the outpour of love and sadness from everyone here. It's understandable but it's still so heartbreaking, because it shows just that: the love. There was something in Michael that gave people joy and made them so happy, and now that's he gone, it's a completely different atmosphere. Whenever...
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    Something I wanted to share.

    Does anyone remember the scene from The Green Mile, where around the end, the guards give John Coffey an offer of freedom, but he declines? The reason I wanted to post this video, is because I find a connection to it, and yes, it's Michael related...
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    What do I do?

    This is a confusing situation for me. I have to be real; I don't have much of a life otuside the computer. I'm only 16, and I don't go to public school, no part time job or whatever, no real friends on the outside. I have to be on the computer because I'm still getting my education from one...
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    I always had a luv for two of his songs, Loser and Girl, but I took the time to look up sommore of his music and I was pretty blown away of how much I liked it. I hardly even listen to alternative rock alot but Beck sure catched my attention. Better now and never I guess. His current album out...
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    Attack of the 100 Single Ladies!

    RUN! So jealous right now... na na na :lol: Makes me think of something maybe... Michael related, but I'd be jacking the ideal, so nevermind.
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    Faith Evans

    I know you don't hear much of her lately, privately publically, but she's made some great music, to me. Underrated definetly, and my fav album is Faithfully. What do you think about her music? EDIT: I'll have to come back some other time. got problems with a couple of mp3s.
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    Erykah Badu Gives Birth to Third Child

    Erykah Badu welcomed her third child Sunday, her rep confirms to "Erykah gave birth to a baby girl at her home on February 1, 2009 at 1:30 p.m.," the rep tells Us. "The baby's father, [rapper] Jay Electronica, and her two children were in attendance." The Grammy-winning singer...
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    Omg... lol. Inaugaration song (We Are The World Spoof)

    This had me :rofl: laughing, son! And yes, Mike's in there, but with no CM/nose/etc jokes in it.
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    Shhh... just come and listen, lol.

    Yall better respond. I spent 5 minutes of my life finding this. :mat: EDIT: Neeeevermind. It was from some radio host, not Kevin himself.
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    Chaz Lamar Shepherd (Chemical Reaction - single)

    OMG has anyone heard his song Chemical Reaction??? I first heard it on Steve Harvey's Morning Show and I was like aww DAMN!!! :punk: And I actually thought it was D'Angelo for a second. Chemical Reaction - Chaz His album is called The First One, and I dunno when it's coming out, but when it...
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    A Missy/Timbaland protege'(sp), but not your typical one. From her debut album Southern Hummingbird
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    9th Wonder

    Feel the beats go ooooon, with this underrated producer. :chillin: No Comparison (Instrumental) - Buckshot/9th Wonder Mastermind (Instrumental) - 9th Wonder Ether - Unofficial remix of Nas' God's Son
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    It's late as hell and i'm sleepy BUT, here's a throwback group I re-discovered. Gotta Leave (1999) - My favorite song from them. Where My Girls At? (1999)
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    As you see on her at the moment lol so umm.... oh yeah I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW! :angry: From her debut single, from her debut album, Kaleidoscope. Are there any fans out there?