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  1. wannabestartinsomthin21

    I just wanted to post this

    The measure of a man’s character is determined by how much he cares; by how deeply.
  2. wannabestartinsomthin21

    Tofu the Vegan Zombie dances to Thriller

    Hey guys, check this out. Tofu is a vegan zombie and there's an animation up on his site of him dancing to "Thriller". It's really cute.
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    Etta James Disses Beyonce

    Etta James Disses Beyonce's Inauguration Performance Posted Thu Feb 5, 2009 12:42pm PST by Billy Johnson, Jr. in Hip-Hop Media Training It's safe to assume that Beyonce's portrayal of Etta James in the retro film Cadillac Records did not impress the legendary soul singer. The 71-year-old...
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    Two new interviews with Akon and Will.I.Am about Michael's album

    The thanks goes to MJJC member Alma for sending these my way. I don't belive they've been posted yet. It's two interviews, one with Akon, one with Will.I.Am, about Michael's album. Will.I.Am's was translated from spanish, but his offers the most interesting insight. So here you go. Will I Am...
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    Buddy Rich- the greatest drummer to ever live

    Buddy Rich is the greatest drummer that ever lived and possibly the greatest musician to ever live period. If you haven't heard of or seen Buddy Rich before, please watch these video's. You won't believe what you're looking at is real.
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    Ask Me How I know

    A friend who didn't have access to Aphrodite Jones' book "Conspiracy" asked me if I could provide the chapter in the book which details the outtake footage from the Bashir Documentary which never was shown publically and only shown in court. So I typed up the entire chapter and thought I might...
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    Michael Jackson Save The Last Dance For Me Dance Video I created

    Okay ya'll, I made a youtube video. And since I've never done anything even remotley like making a video before, it was hard and it ain't perfect, lol. But I'm actually quite proud of the little fella, haha. I always get annoyed when I see dance compliations of Michael on youtube because I never...
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    Jam I love this video. Michael's dancing is absolutely incredible in it. He's so fast, so clean and precise that it's mind blowing. Especially the sequence of steps around 4:38. And then when he's showing Michael Jordan how to do the steps. Look at...
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    Duelling Violins dance video

    This is one of my favorite videos on youtube and after you watch it, I think you'll understand why. The music is the perfect choice for the clips chosen and it's an amazing showcase of Michael's dancing, along with Fred Astaire, Sammy Davis Jr., Gene Kelly and others. I never feel like people...
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    Elizabeth Taylor on Larry King Jan. 16 2001

    Hey guys, I asked in the 2000 Watts forum if anyone had a video of this particular appearance of Elizabeth on Larry King, because I can't find it anywhere and I would really love to have it. Anyway, here's a transcript of what she said. It was really wonderful. She must have some of the...
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    Here's a bunch of Drawings I did

    Well, I don't usually do this kind of thing, but I got the idea to share my drawings here while goofing around in another thread in GD, lol. Anyway, I've been drawing since I was little, so these span over a number of years. Thought it would be cool to actully let someone see them rather then...
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    To Make My Father Proud

    Here's a song Michael recorded when he was about 15. Listen to how good his voice is. It's absolutely incredible and the emotion he has in his voice is just mind blowing. And they call people like Chris Brown a prodigy, lol.
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    The Amazing Celine Dion

    She's a freak. I saw her do this live in Vegas, and she blew me away.
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    Pepsi "I'll Be There". Is there any way to...

    Is there any way to make an audio MP3 of Michael singing "I'll Be There" as an adult from the Pepsi commercial? If anyone has ripped the audio from that commercial and can make it in to an MP3, that would be awesome.
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    Short Audio of Michael singing at his mother's birthday

    Here's a 30 second clip of Michael singing a song to his Mother Katherine at her birthday party. His voice is beautiful here and it's a cool little glimps in to their relationship.
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    Michael sings When You Wish Upon A Star and Follow The Yellowbrick Road

    I think Michael's versions of both these songs is the best I've ever heard. Listen to his styling and control. It's just incredible. And the quality of his voice is second to none. It's just amazingly beautiful. He's the best singer. Check it out. Plus he's as cute as all get out in this video...
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    Now here is what is wrong with today's music industry. Check this guy out. His name is Javier. He writes his own material and he is an awesome singer, he's good looking, etc... and yet, almost nobody even know's he exsists, he gets absolutely zero exposure in the main stream, he's opening for a...
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    Mariah Carey's new video for "Touch My Body" Scroll down and you'll find it. I like the video. The song is aweful, but she's just looking for a hit, and the market today calls for this kind of thing. But she shows her sense of humor in the video...
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    Bravo Magazine article from '93- Good, easy read

    Hey guys, a friend of mine sent me this piece written in Bravo Magazine, from 1993, by one of Michael's bodyguards during the "Dangerous" tour. It's translated in to english, so it's a little rough at points, but still easy to read, and enjoyable. It gives good insight in to Michael as a...
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    Michael and Mark Lester

    I found this short video on youtube of an interview Mark Lester, the child star of "Oliver", talking about Michael. Mark is one of Michael's best friends and has been only supportive of Michael, as far as I know. I thought I'd share it because Mark...