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  1. BadTour87

    How did Michael’s troubles with Sony Music begin?

    I know disagreements appeared around 2001 regarding Michael not getting the rights to his music back til much later in the 2000s and Invincible’s incredibly messy promotion regarding singles and delays etc, but I recall hearing that issues with Sony dated back to even the early 90s. Was there...
  2. BadTour87

    Bryan Loren has released new solo music!

    He has three new tracks up on Spotify and all other streaming services, definitely check them out! They’re awesome. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.:laughing:
  3. BadTour87

    Interesting findings from a 1998 interview

    In early/mid 1998 MJ gave an interview to Black & White Magazine. The interview has some very early signs of issues with Sony, such as his disappointment over singles going unreleased and him knowing fans were unsatisfied with the remixes on BOTDF. As the interview was originally in French the...
  4. BadTour87

    Michael Jackson fansites from 1996-2001

    A few weeks ago I created a list of old HIStory/Invincible era MJ fansites I found on the Web Archive. A small portion of the sites are for Janet Jackson and 3T but the overwhelming majority are for Michael. Also a few of these are official MJ websites from back in the day. Most of these sites...
  5. BadTour87

    Should fans really get offended if someone doesn’t like MJ?

    I’ve noticed a lot recently here that if anyone says they dislike MJ, or they previously insulted MJ in the past, they form some kind of grudge against them, solely for their dislike of MJ. Is this honestly mature? Someone expresses their opinion and in comes the wave of salty MJ stans saying...
  6. BadTour87

    What physical MJ media do you own?

    physical media as in CDs/vinyl/VHS/DVD/super amazing box set (hint: the ultimate collection) i currently own - Bad 25 (Deluxe Edition) [CD/DVD] - HIStory: Past, Present, and Future - Book I [CD] - Dangerous [CD] - Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour [DVD] - Bad (Special Edition) [CD] i am...
  7. BadTour87

    What are your favourite mixes of MJ songs? (if any)

    Like official mixes/remixes, such as the ones released on singles. My favourites have to be the Brothers in Rhythm House Mix of Who Is It and Roger's Dangerous Club Mix of Dangerous.
  8. BadTour87

    I don't get how Dangerous (the song) and Who Is It are "too long"

    I've heard so many people complain about the """""unnecessarily""""" long length of these two songs. But I really don't get it! The length of these songs are PERFECT. And come on, could you ever imagine only having a 7" version of Who Is It? The 7" versions, with and without the intro, feel...
  9. BadTour87

    Serious Effect Appreciation Thread

    Serious Effect is by far MJ's greatest song ever in my opinion i love it i love it i love it it deserves all the appreciation it can get
  10. BadTour87

    Unreleased songs that should've replaced released ones

    What MJ songs that were cut do you think should've replaced released ones? (if any) I personally think Serious Effect should've replaced She Drives Me Wild on Dangerous. I don't think SDMW was a bad song, in fact I really like it, but imo SE trumps it by far.
  11. BadTour87

    So I just watched amateur footage of the 1992 Toulouse concert Right before Man in the Mirror the band and the backing singers performed In the Closet without Michael (at about 1:45:15). Was this a backup song in case anything went wrong with the jetpack thing and they had to delay the final song, and was...
  12. BadTour87

    What are your favourite unreleased MJ songs?

    For me it's these: Work That Body Serious Effect Monkey Business She Got It
  13. BadTour87

    What is your favourite live MJ song?

    What MJ song do you think was performed best live or what song really fits a live performance the most? For me it's Workin' Day and Night, I LOVE live performances of that song.
  14. BadTour87

    What is your least favourite MJ song?

    It has to be Privacy for me. The intro alone makes me literally want to die.
  15. BadTour87

    What MJ concert do you want released most?

    I would like to see the Dangerous Tour Oslo show in 1992, pretty much because of the whole performing in daylight thing. A first leg 1987 Bad Tour show would be cool too but there's already enough of them (two Tokyo shows were leaked, a Yokohama show was broadcasted, an Osaka show was leaked...
  16. BadTour87

    Did anybody else get tired of MJ's "anti-tabloid" songs?

    I mean on literally every album since Bad there has been at least one song attacking tabloids or his haters. Now I wanna make it clear I adore MJ, but these constant "F U TABLOIDS" tracks get repetitive and irritating. Let's look at some of them: BAD (1987) 1. Leave Me Alone DANGEROUS (1991)...
  17. BadTour87

    Do any of you guys remember LOUNIS PRODUCTIONS?

    That collector that leaked the Rome and Tokyo 1988 Bad Tour clips and a Dangerous Tour dress rehearsal clip? (And also his annoying "LOUNIS PRODUCTIONS" label at the center of the screen...) I remember people waiting for him to leak more things but nobody has heard from him in years. Does he...
  18. BadTour87

    Am I the only one annoyed at how neglected the '87 leg of the Bad Tour is?

    Whenever anybody talks about the Bad World Tour they are 95% of the time referring to the '88-'89 leg (Europe, USA, etc.). I hardly see anybody pay any attention to the '87 leg (Japan, Australia). It's personally my favourite leg of the tour. I mean, for pete's sake it has Shake Your Body in...