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    T. Mez was on BlogTalkRadio 1/2/14 Last night T. Mez answered questions re A. Jones, 93 settlement , 2005 trial, R. Sullivan, etc.
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    Phone-Hacking Trial:- Tabloids and Murdock

    I have been meaning to post about this phone-hacking trial now underway in the U.K. It has relevance to MJ b/c these are the same people who made his life hell on earth and now they are getting their karmic kick in the ass for their crimes. The 2 'big fish' on trial are Rebekah Brooks and Andy...
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    Asia Society Puppeteers perform an amazingly authentic "Billie Jean"

    This was one of the last acts in a performance at the Asia Society in NYC where classical Thai dancers and Thai puppeteers performed. The Thai Puppeteers did an amazing "Billie Jean"--the puppet looks so realistic, even moonwalking. Very cool that MJ was honored in this way...
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    MJ Director Nick Brandt Gives Talk in NYC on Preserving African Wildlife

    Nick Brandt directed 5 short films: Earth Song, Childhood, Stranger in Moscow, Cry, and the last one One More Chance. When he was in Tanzania filming for Earth Song, he fell in love with the landscape and the wildlife and began a career as a wildlife photographer. He published 3 books of his...
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    The Real “This Is It” Conversation With Someone Who Was There

    I found this letter on VMJ and include it below. It talks about MJ and KO. btw, I am NOT saying that CM is right that MJ HATED KO, but that there were tensions between them and IMO that needs to be recognized. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS THEN? NOVEMBER 19, 2009, 11:39 pm The Real...