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  1. wonderouzmj

    Nickelodeon Roundhouse produced by Michael

    NEWLY FOUND. UP FOR DISCUSSION! I've never heard of him doing anything for nick then again mj was known for being anonymous
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    New Janet doc with unseen clips of mj Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
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    The Jacksons Attending a BAD Tour Concert

    Does anyone have information on this photo & what show this was? I really would love to see how his performance was that night Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
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    Dirty diana shoes

    Did he wear loafers or boots on the video? I can't remember after seeing these. Pretty sure there the same shoot Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
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    Bad was supposed to replace wdan

    New News to me!! A jumpsuit made from red and black parachute material with quick-change zip and Velcro front closures. Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush originally created a "magic jumpsuit" for Michael Jackson to wear as he performed the song "Bad" before performing his disappearing act. The...
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    The Jackson's (Something new)

    I found these interviews about the songs but I have no clue what this is from or why they are being interviewed. My hopes are for a concert release with all these new releases. Some of the clips are still in premier mode but this one about can you feel it is there
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    The estate hates us

    According to reddit....which I had no clue was a poll but I truly believe this
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    Rare victory photo

    Anybody know the city this show is from? Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
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    Is this photo real?

    I found this photo & Ive never seen it before, but I cant tell if something is on his skin or if thats his skin. What do you guys think??
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    Newly found triumph-2videos

    (Edit-I accidentally put Triumph instead of Destiny) they look so similar 2nd leg This is brand new to me. Quality isn't all there but its refreshing to see more from Destiny in inglewood! Ive never seen dstyge in full & I've never seen this performance of rwy. Thought I'd share & discuss it...
  11. wonderouzmj

    This is it covid

    I woke up with this on my mind....what if covid happened in 2009 & mj had no choice like janet but to cancel the tour. He wouldve still been alive today....i really miss him & i keep thinking in my mind what couldve happened had he never had the pressure
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    Dr Dre & Mj

    Has anybody heard the story of mj wanting 6 of dre's beats? It was said that dre wanted to sample b.j & he would've been the 1st rapper ever to do that. Mj told him it was cool but he had to give him 6beats & not recieve any publishing but dre & jimmy Levine (i think thats his name) said no deal...
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    The Jacksons Wives

    Never before seen photo of the wives Enid,Julie,Hazel,Dee Dee & Carol
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    Wonderouz Billie Jean 2020

    Im having the time of my life entertaining people & carrying on my idols legacy to a new generation of life & love. I hope you all enjoy this clip of the show! I need you all to Subscribe, Like, Share & Enjoy. Thank you
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    Michael Jackson What if Show

    I posted a thread here & also saw some ideas i thought were great about what if mj did this song or this setlist so I came up with something I was feeling & outcame this & I can say I was inspired by alot of you here to create this mix,master it, rehearse it to the tee, perform it,edit it. I...
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    The Michael Jackson Impact

    With leaving Neverland & everything thats been going on in the community. I thought id share with you a positive view on a show I did recently on july 12. I was kind of unsure to do it but the reactions i got where overwhelming letting me thus know that the impact mj has & the fact that i can...
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    Kids still love mj

    These are 3 of my kids & cousins. Idk if it runs in our blood but they love him just as much as I do & as a tribute artist I will always carry his legacy on. But I have a project I'm working on but due to the crisis I had to delay location for my kids & this is me trying my best to rehearse...
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    Black or white & beat it intro

    I never payed it no attention until I was messing around with black or white. That same gong sound is used in the intro to black or white. When I get time I'll compare the 2
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    No Apom acapella?

    Why is there not 1 studio acapella of this song. & why are the drums mixed in every mix? Anybody got any info? Obviously fanmade??
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    So...I found this

    Found a rehearsal (im guessing) never seen this before & im sure he had on a black shirt & blue pants as well. I hope 1 day soon we'll see this