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  1. Themidwestcowboy

    Which duo made the best songs?

    Which combo did y'all like the most? Michael & Stevie Wonder All I Do (Hotter Than July 1980) Just Good Friends (Bad 1987) Get It ( Characters 1987) Michael & Paul McCartney The Girl Is Mine (Thriller 1982) Say Say Say (Pipes of Peace 1983) The Man (Pipes of Peace 1983) Michael & Freddie...
  2. Themidwestcowboy

    Do you think MJ was over saturated during the Bad Era?

    The Bad Era has a very fond place in my heart. It has my favorite tour of all time and one of the finest pop records ever produced. As a fan I'm obviously happy with his enormous output during this period, but I couldn't help myself asking one question. Was Michael over saturated during this...
  3. Themidwestcowboy

    Someone just hacked the Official MJ YouTube account!!

    This guy called “ LOSPELAOSBRO “ has hacked many celebrity accounts and uploaded nonsense videos. Can someone forward this to the estate or the internet team??
  4. Themidwestcowboy

    MJ lowering the key of his songs live (discussion)

    Is Thriller, the album, the first instance where MJ sung so high on the record that he couldn't, to the best of his ability, hit some of those notes live and had to resort to lowering the key on some of the songs? I was watching some live footage starting from Destiny up til Dangerous and it...
  5. Themidwestcowboy

    Rank the music videos of MJ performing in front of a crowd

    1. Come Together This music video is one of my favorite MJ videos and the song is my fav MJ rock song. It's such a bop and MJ was really feeling it. The looks, the clothes, the hair. Everything was perfect. 2. Another Part Of Me This one comes in as a close second. What more can be said about...
  6. Themidwestcowboy

    I’ve had it with the estate!!!

    I’m so sick and tired of this! Enough is enough. This will be my first post about how tired and frustrated I am with how the estate are handling the vault. I just got a notification that Prince estate released “Do Me Baby Demo” from their forthcoming anniversary release of Dirty Mind. Thus far...
  7. Themidwestcowboy

    Do you think Michael would have written another autobiographical book if he was alive?

    We got moonwalk which I consider was a really good autobiographical book about him up til that point that touched on different subjects such as his childhood, music, family, outlook in life, minor controversies etc. Then we have dancing the dream thatÂ’s really just a book with poems and song...
  8. Themidwestcowboy

    From what year is the mix of Monkey Business that ended up on The Ultimate Collection?

    I was surfing through youtube and came across a 2 low quality snippets supposedly the demo for Monkey Business and it sounds quite amazing! Much more funkier and grittier than the one that ended up on TUC. The same thing goes for Streetwalker. The ones we've heard from Brad's seminars are much...
  9. Themidwestcowboy

    Why was some songs on The Triumph album mixed so badly?

    It dawned upon me while listening to Nick's remix of Walk Right Now that some songs on the Triumph album was very weirdly mixed. I hadn't listened to Triumph for a while so i went back and heard it with fresh new ears. Some of the songs that sticks out are Walk Right Now, Everybody and wondering...
  10. Themidwestcowboy

    Is This Scary (Ghosts 1993)

    I decided after watching Ghosts last night to revisit the leaked footage from 1993 and my god. Comparing the two i feel that the 96 version was somewhat a bit sanitized when you compare it to the 93 version. The 93 version was so raw, especially the hostility of the town folks and the mayor...
  11. Themidwestcowboy

    Cat Glover (Prince Affiliate) recounts Prince and Michael encounters Well. Imma start of by saying that this is what i always suspected. They were friends. Maybe not best friends but they still were friends and had a great deal of respect for eachother. Now with that being said, why was prince so disrespectful to...
  12. Themidwestcowboy

    Article: Michael Jackson wanted the role of Professor Xavier in X-Men and met with producers in 1999

    The film X-Men came out exactly 20 years ago this month, and with that anniversary comes the revelation of a bizarre bit of backstory behind the superhero film. As seen in an expose in The Hollywood Reporter on Friday, it turns out that Michael Jackson had set his sights on portraying the bald...
  13. Themidwestcowboy

    Snippet of 7 Digits totally sounds like Skeletons by Stevie Wonder.

    I'm the only one who hears the resemblance? Not only the bassline but also the synth and the vocal melody. It's eerily similar. What do you think? listen from 1:17
  14. Themidwestcowboy

    Do we have any good lip readers?

    At 4:14 from Minneapolis he mouths something to himself but I can't quite tell what it is. To me it looks like he says "So help me god" Anyone else care to give it a try?
  15. Themidwestcowboy

    This day in history: Bad Tour Los Angeles 1989, January 27th.

    On this date in history MJ closed out his legendary first solo tour “The Bad Tour” with the last of 5 sold out shows at the Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles 1989. The tour became the second highest grossing tour of the 80s. Spanning 16 months including 123 concerts to 4,4 million fans...
  16. Themidwestcowboy

    The Decade of the Michael Jackson Estate? An in depth discussion about victories and losses.

    As we are getting close to the end of a decade I wanted to take an in-depth look into the estate and what they have a accomplished under these ten years. It has a been quite a wild ride. I want us to have a real discussion about this. Let’s get this discussion going! Best release from the...
  17. Themidwestcowboy

    Am I the only one who prefers the more raw and funky version of Another Part Of Me from Captain EO?

    This version is so goddamn funky and raw and imo it sounds a lot more organic than the one on Bad, (less computerized). I love the version on Bad but this one edges it out for me. The estate should release this version some day.
  18. Themidwestcowboy

    Hold My Hand...

    Just heard Hold My Hand today and I haven't heard that song in ages but I gotta say that I loved MJ's vocal style in this song. To me it truly sounds like a more mature and older version of the Thriller era voice. I much prefer this voice to his "Invincible" voice. I think he overdid the grit a...
  19. Themidwestcowboy

    Where did these concerts take place that Sly Stallone attended?

    Does anyone know? Thanks in advance! Btw I never realized there were so many pictures of MJ and Sly together. It's so great to see.