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  1. DanGerouS-

    The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    why do i even expect something from this clueless estate. what a silly excuse. LOL
  2. DanGerouS-

    The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    can't be because of some "rights". why would they remove the -whole- album on youtube?
  3. DanGerouS-

    Who The Hell Is Eddie Cascio And James Porte?

    Eddie was right there pushing the buttons.
  4. DanGerouS-

    The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    will there be a statement? :)
  5. DanGerouS-

    Would you be open for a duet between Michael and Paris?

    only on unfinished songs, where a verse/bridge/chorus is missing.
  6. DanGerouS-

    What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    i so hope that song will be on Thriller40. they will probably wait for Thriller50 :(
  7. DanGerouS-

    Live vocals underneath the playback from the HIStory Tour

    playback vocals always bored me. but i'd definitely rewatch HWT with those live vocals!
  8. DanGerouS-

    When will they finally give up?

    i can't find the post, but if iam not mistaken someone on Eddies studio "team" was working under a different alias for Jason also. James Porte (?) -> session singer for Cascio & DJ/Mixer for Jason. Maybe the user who was posting that, reads this and can reply. It's also weird that you cant find...
  9. DanGerouS-

    When will they finally give up?

    Jason has/had a SoundCloud account with many unreleased mj style rip off tracks. it's obvious that he's the singer on the Cascio tracks
  10. DanGerouS-

    Steve Stevens Talks About recording "Dirty Diana"

    yea its this one (5:58min extended mix):
  11. DanGerouS-

    Steve Stevens Talks About recording "Dirty Diana"

    nick* did a remix of DD with the uncut guitar solo. there are several mixes he did, but one includes the full solo.
  12. DanGerouS-

    Which duo made the best songs?

    Jason Malachi and Michael Jackson doing the adlibs and his strong signature screams. they have 12 songs together.
  13. DanGerouS-

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    they didn't say, if it's just a cheap 4k upscale. :p imagine they will just upload some AI upscaled videos.
  14. DanGerouS-

    Thriller 40th anniversary

    would be more hyped for invincible 20. seems we get new thriller releases only....
  15. DanGerouS-

    What will we get for thriller 50?

    they will release some useless bullsh*t. there's nothing to expect.
  16. DanGerouS-

    Imagine if someone told you in 2009..

    what? is this really possible? I'm actually interested in that, for my next trip to US somewhen in the future.
  17. DanGerouS-

    Which songs do you prefer the demo over the finalized version?

    is this alternative ghosts mix somewhere available in high quality + uncut? i remember that bass line, so bad ass.
  18. DanGerouS-

    First words of Black or white

    for me it was either 'saturday day' or 'saturday date'
  19. DanGerouS-

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    so the weekend released a single with another deceased artist: aaliyah. there you got that posthumous 'duet' :p chances should be close to zero that there's a MJ duet.
  20. DanGerouS-

    New MJ content (Possibility)

    wow, just saw Metallica's latest anniversary release today. 193 tracks, including demos, alternate takes, mixes and rehearsal audio. that's insane. for their 1991 album. why is that kinda stuff impossible for MJ...