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  1. somewhereinthedark

    “ I Want You Back” #2 Greatest Debut Single from Rolling Stone Magazine

    I was quite surprised that Rolling Stone Magazine did a recent poll of the 100 Greatest Debut Singles Of All Time , and I Want You Back was chosen by editors, industry types, etc. as the #2 Greatest Debut. The article was very positive, also. It talks about the greatness of the song and...
  2. somewhereinthedark

    Vote for Michael in Best Male Icon of all Time

    http://www.popiconsblog.c...eicon.html Michael is currently in 1st place. You can vote once every hour, until Dec. 3.
  3. somewhereinthedark

    Steve Harvey dedicates entire radio show to Michael

    Steve Harvey, who has been a staunch supporter of Michael, is dedicating his entire radio show to him. They played an exclusive interview of Michael calling the radio station. The interview was funny and heart-warming. Steve has never waivered from his support of Michael and plays at least one...