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  1. kindofdisco

    Together Again; my tribute drawing for this year

    Hey guys, This is my tribute piece for this year. It was actually part of an idea I’ve been thinking about for ages, and while it didn’t come out exactly as I had planned, it came pretty close. It’s inspired by Janet Jackson’s video for her song, “Together...
  2. kindofdisco

    BAD Video Photo (From on the set/behind the scenes)

    Hey guys! I'm desperately searching for this photo I saved ages and ages ago before my computer crashed. It's of Michael on the set of the BAD video, but in the section from the beginning outside the school building. He's standing around with the other cast members (including that guy who...
  3. kindofdisco

    Janet's "IF" vs Michael's "Blood On The Dance Floor"

    Hey guys, I've been recently getting back into Janet's "Janet." album from 1993, and I had forgotten how much her single, "If" reminds me of Michael's "Blood on The Dance Floor". Let's not forget that BotDF was intended for Dangerous in 1991, so perhaps Janet had heard a tape of it before...
  4. kindofdisco

    Paula Abdul

    Anybody a fan of her music career/choreography/dancing, or even know about her outside of American Idol? I have to admit, I had no idea who she was before I got into Janet Jackson, and then discovered her back catalogue of some pretty darn catchy 80s/90s stuff! I think she's also an amazing...
  5. kindofdisco

    O.P.I Nail polish!

    I'm pretty sure every girl knows how amazing OPI nail polish is, haha! I've been unlucky in that I only discovered it about 6 months ago, but I think that was due to poor advertising of the product here in Australia. America's probably had it for years, but I distinctly only remember seeing it...
  6. kindofdisco

    Every Fan Has A Story

    Seeing as a lot of fans have made introduction posts and the like here, and I never did get around to doing mine, I thought I'd do a little something so people - who have berated and followed me everywhere on the forum - can find out a little bit more about my boring self. I discovered Michael...
  7. kindofdisco

    KindOfDisco's Illustration Work (MJ and non-related)

    Edit: Sorry, I've had too many people stealing my work lately. I'm removing them from all the fanboards. If you'd like to follow my work, please go to my tumblr:
  8. kindofdisco

    Any Believers of The Flying Spaghetti Monster in here?

    From the official site: Anybody else a Pastafarian? I'd love to hear from you guys. :)
  9. kindofdisco

    My Drawings/Illustrations/Artworks

    Hey guys! You might know me as Blackat or youngearlgrey around a few MJ forums, haha I should really stick to one name, huh? Here's a few of my artworks, but you can find the majority of them here: This piece is entered in a competition at the...
  10. kindofdisco

    ATT: Australian Fans Memorial Gathering!

    Hi everyone, I'd just like to let any Australian fans here know that there is a planned Memorial Gathering for Michael next Saturday (4th of July) outside the Virgin Megastore, in the city of Sydney. We are enlisting the help of the Megastore to play us music and provide loudspeakers, and we...