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  1. MJsAngelOfMusic

    International airdates and stations for: Lifetimes: Searching for Neverland (MJ movie)

    Hey all, please forgive if this is wrong forum to ask. Does anyone have a listing of airtimes and stations for the movie other than the UK. I have friends who live in Australia, mexico and ireland that want to watch it with USA mj FAM later today. (P. S I have no idea why the font is big on here).
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    Washington DC - MJ Fam "Michael Jackson & Prince Dance Party! Sat Feb 12th

    "Michael Jackson & Prince Dance Party! @HowardTheatre Friday, February 12, 2016 These parties are always a blast! There is a decent about of MJ fans that show up! I actually travel between DC & NYC for these parties! rock your MJ gear and meet new fam if you in the DMV...
  3. MJsAngelOfMusic

    Michael Jackson 'Tribute Party Boat': July 18, 2015.

    Michael Jackson Tribute Party Boat!! Saturday July 18, 2015. Naughty or Nice Entertainment (Co-Sponsor by Black Sense Entertainment). Event Details: The Michael Jackson Tribute Party Boat Ride goes around the New York City's Harbor! Come Join Us in Celebrating Michael's Legacy to the World by...
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    DC (DMV) MJ Fans! MJ Day 2014 - 5th Annual Michael Jackson Dance Party

    Hey All, Hope this is the correct forum to post in! We have a wonderful DJ in DC that throws the greatest party ever every year! Info below: MJ Day 2014 - 5th Annual Michael Jackson Dance Party Fri 8/29/14 Doors: 9:00 pm MJ Day 2014 - 5th Annual Michael Jackson Dance Party Since MJ's...
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    Thrill The World NYC' Presents: The Michael Jackson Party Boat Ride!

    On July 19th, 2014 from 7pm-11pm join us for a Michael Jackson Party Boat Ride! Join us in celebrating MJ's philanthropic legacy by rocking the night away for this special fundraising event for TTWNYC hosted by DJ Kasper with prizes, silent auctions, raffles, and performances by the legendary...
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    Michael Jackson, Prince, & Madonna "1958" Dance Party This DEC 20th in Washington DC

    Hey All, My name is Destiny & Im a long time member of MJJF & MJJC (life has stolen me from the forum) but anyhoo! I wanted to post about the upcoming dance party on Friday Dec 20th in DC! If you live the DC, MD, VA area please come join us! The few MJ fans I know always turn up for this event...
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    Introducing myself

    Hey all, I used to be long time member of MJJF before it became MJJC and you used to be a moderator on both forums. Have not been here for a while & just wanted to say hi. My name is destiny, hit me up on twitter at: And facebook...
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    Michael Jackson DC Fans! MJ Dance Workshop This Sat! Calling all DMV Fans :)

    Our goal is to inspire Michael Jackson's positive influence as well as provide a productive environment that promotes diverse artistic expression and healthy lifestyles. ALL DANCERS MUST PRE-ORDER before maximum capacity is reached! : Official FB page...
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    DC/MD/VA Area MJ Fans - Michael Jackson Dance Party 07/02/11

    Hey All, Me and a awesome group of DC/MD/Va MJ fans have been going to the dance parties at the state theater for about 2 years now! Just want to invite MJJC members out to this if you are in the area! So we can celebrate MJ together. Michael...
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    Hello, sorry for the late announcement! There is a Michael Jackson Dance Party tonight at the "State Theater" in Falls Church, VA! Genre: Tribute Doors: 8:00 PM Showtime: 9:00 PM Tickets: $10 (Buy at the door) online sale stopped at 4:00pm Let us celebrate the King of Pop...
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    Can we speak Against Oprah's upcoming shows? Show topic line-up's; leading up to the LMP Interview)

    Hello, Sorry if this is in the wrong place but my good friend "Earthly Me" AKA Romi! Posted this on her Face Book Page.. This is Oprah's line up for the week: Mon 10/18: Exclusive: The 16-Year-Old Boy Who Killed His...
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    The “Drill” Michael Jackson Dance Tribute @ “Freedom Plaza” (Washington D.C.)

    The “Drill” Michael Jackson Dance Tribute @ “Freedom Plaza” Date: Sat August 7th, 2010 Time: 3:00pm-7:00pm Sub: It has been a year since the “King Of Pop” Michael Jackson has moved on to the lovely Heavens. We would like to honor him by performing a dance tribute to him. We will be performing...
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    where was Marlon during the 2300 Jackson street video?

    Seriously, I just got asked this question at work? lol and I honestly never have thought about it and don't Then the person that asked..asked me to ask my people. Meaning you all! lol! God Bless, Destiny:cheers:
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    My Ten Sense: Michael Jackson would be in Haiti if he were alive(Good Article)

    *Had this conversation last night with someone and this is a great article* My Ten Sense: Michael Jackson would be in Haiti if he were alive It’s no secret to Michael Jackson fans that he was very generous to the needy and sick children. In 2000, the King of Pop was crowned King of Charity...
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    Michael's Speech during the "This Is It Movie"?

    Did anyone notice but did he seem to have trouble speaking a little? like he has a little lisp on certain parts? I wonder why? I have not mentioned this till now but it's been on my mind like crazy! or cause was it because he was chewing gum alot? hehe but I really want to know why he spoke...
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    ‘You smell like Michael!’ - On The Set Of "This Is It"

    This Is It: "I'm Happy For Michael"- Says Director Ortega This is It director Kenny Ortega told an audience at an Entertainment Weekly event in Los Angeles Monday night that he’s “happy for Michael” that the film, which opened to $101 million worldwide last weekend, is now the highest...
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    MJ Birthday Dance Party(Aug 29th) in Virginia at the State Theater

    Hello All, For those of us DC & MD fans left behind and can't make it to the big NYC Bash. The State Theater in VA is having a MJ Celebration. I'm buying my ticket now.. Who can go with me? lol! Here is the website: God Bless, Destiny:cheeky:
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    Prince Vs. Michael Jackson Dance Party in Washington DC (who wants to go?)

    Hey All, I went the to the Prince Vs. Michael. Vs. Madonna Dance Party a few months back and it was fun. We could celebrate MJ's life and music there! And real fans must go! This guys events sell out quick and he does this all over. There were actually people outside when it was sold out trying...
  19. MJsAngelOfMusic

    L.A. County coroner's staff improperly viewed Michael Jackson's death certifica

    Los Angeles County coroner’s officials said today that they have looked into security breaches involving the investigation of Michael Jackson’s death, including hundreds of improper views of the pop star’s death certificate and the discovery of weaknesses in two other computer systems in which...
  20. MJsAngelOfMusic

    7/20/09 Joe Jackson On Larry King tonight

    Hey, Just wanted to let everyone know that Joe Jackson will be on larry king tonight @ 9:00pm ET. Does Larry still take live calls? Peace