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    Rumour - Conrad Murray attempted suicide!

    Early reports just coming in, and this seems to be all over Twitter. It looks like Murray has attempted suicide and has been taken to the hospital. Awaiting confirmation.
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    MJAN Open Letter to the Jackson Family - UPDATE MJAN 2nd Open letter PG 19 (Not a MJJC letter)

    M.J.A.N. is the "Michael Jackson Accountability Network," a team of people dedicated to promoting Michael Jackson's legacy, and to seeking justice for him and his children. Here is the latest entry, inspired by the MJJC letter to GLE, by current developments concerning the Jackson family, and in...
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    Petition For Increase In Charges Against Murray

    Here is the link to the petition. http://www.PetitionO...J/petition.html I hope you will all be able to sign this! The petition urges an increase of charges for Conrad Murray, and additional charges as warranted. On behalf of M.J.A.N. and...
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    Press release, and other actions for increased charges

    Gaz has given permission for this to be posted here. Gaz, THANK YOU! The charges against Murray are obviously too light. There WILL be fan-action. Read the press-release, below. Also, material will be posted on M.J.A.N. (Michael Jackson Accountability Network). There will be a petition, and a...
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    Prayer/positive energy -- for the TRUTH

    We've done so much investigating that most of us are convinced that this involved MORE people than just Murray? Murray KNOWS what happened. This may be a pivotal time. We will continue digging. We can also give spiritual help, for those of us who believe in that (and if not, that's ok, but it's...
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    Request for respect . . . .

    I REALLY hope no one deletes this? Please post here if you affirm what we are doing here? I DO affirm investigations, and I hope there will be respect for what we are doing here. There are guidelines stickied at the top of the forum. Everyone please read them, and respect them. This is a...
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    Support Forum to phase out

    Please see my thread in G.D., about the closing of the Support Forum, and about my leaving staff. The thread will explain. Peace, everyone, Vic
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    Transitioning from the Support Forum

    It is now approaching five months since Michael’s passing. We have all come a long way together, but now it's time to face the future and the joy it can still bring. We have Michael’s legacy to preserve, and we need to continue to heal from what was a terrible shock to the entire fan community...
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    Mourners' Bill of Rights

    I don't know if you all know this, but I was at Virginia Tech during the shootings and was very close to where it happened. Seventeen people in my building were killed. The shock and trauma for the survivors was terrible. They brought grief-counselors to campus, and we got mountains of paper...
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    Maybe this will help?

    The more you give, the more you get? Maybe this will help some of you? Hang in there, people. . . Peace, Vic
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    Getting help

    As I read through the posts and the threads, I see that some are still incapacitated with grief, or are so upset they are harming themselves. This is SO sad, both for you, and for us, here. I'd like to remind you of these resources: suicide hotlines...
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    Regal Cinemas --- Regal History Post-2002 When all three chains went into bankruptcy, investor Philip Anschutz bought substantial investments in all three companies, becoming majority owner. In March 2002, Anschutz announced plans to consolidate all three...
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    Let's look at Sony. . . .

    Let's see if there are any discoverable connections between Sony + Frank Dileo. Sony + Tohme. Sony + AEG. (see bolded parts of the article, below) FYI, "Universal Republic Records" is a division of Universal Music Group, ... Global Partnership Between Nickelodeon and the Sony Music Label Group...
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    Staff appreciation -- help us out?

    Please take a moment to step back and appreciate the staff and admin at MJJC? Staff and admin, also, are grieving terribly, yet have been keeping this board going, for everyone. For just one example, I see that the news has just posted for today! Staff have been WORKING, even through our tears...
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    Finding meaning in tragedy. Please read. Hope it helps

    The memorial was exquisite, and soul-wrenching. In addition to my own terrible grief about the passing of Michael, I’ve been trying to help so many who have contacted me, wanting to die, not knowing how they will live without him. I have tried to help them, but I feel the grief, too, and have...
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    Coping with Grief -- website

    This is a good website with valuable information about coping with grief. Addresses issues such as, what can you expect; how long does grief last, and others.
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    Buddy system. . . sign up

    For many of us, the worst time will be Tuesday, for the memorial. If you don't already have one, please use this thread to sign up for a buddy for mutual support. This day is going to be ROUGH. So ask for a buddy, pair up, and identify someone. Exchange by PM your contact information. Phone, if...
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    ICQ post names of those MIA

    Everyone, I know we are all concerned about our friends during these terrible days. If there is someone you have not seen online for awhile and are concerned about, post the names here. Then if they see it, they can check in. Or maybe a friend knows if they are ok and can ease your mind? So if...
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    Suicide hotlines, U.S. and International

    Fans, please use these as resources. If you need someone to talk to, help is available. If you have a friend at risk, send them to the suicide hotlines. No lives should be lost because of Michael's death. He would NOT want that. United States Suicide hotlines, by state...
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    Suicide hotlines, U.S. and International

    Fans, please use these as resources. If you need someone to talk to, help is available. United States Suicide hotlines, by state International suicide hotlines