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  1. MichaelYoureAStud

    Reg HQ TDCAU

    Hi all. I'd like shots from the Brazilian video. I need shots of the front, back, and sides of his head. :lol:
  2. MichaelYoureAStud

    Scared to go to the dentist

    Hi everyone! My dentist wants me to go to an oral surgeon to have my wisdom teeth looked at. The dentist thinks all four will come in at an angle and mess up the teeth next to them. I hate going to the dentist to begin with. They scrape your teeth with a sharp needle like instrument hitting the...
  3. MichaelYoureAStud

    draw this for me??

    Can someone draw Michael's eyes. I need just his eyes with the words: *I'll never let you part* above his eyes and *for you're always in my heart* below his eyes. You can use any pretty script. His eyes need to look beautiful and real. I can't draw or else I'd do it myself.
  4. MichaelYoureAStud

    just the eyes.....

    Hey I need really good clear pictures of just his eyes. Not the Invincible cover though. I'm thinking of putting his eyes in my tattoo. Thanks for the help!!
  5. MichaelYoureAStud

    No shirt, open shirt

    Any pixs where you can see most or all of Michael's chest and tummy.....yummy!!
  6. MichaelYoureAStud

    Need pix...

    Hello ladies!! I need the mermaid pix from the inside of the YANA single cover. The half naked mermaid Michael drew. Thank you!!
  7. MichaelYoureAStud

    My 21 month old son said Michael!!

    OMG. My son Christian is 20 months old. He saw a pix of Michael on twitter and pointed to it and said *Michael* YAY!! :punk::punk::wub: Just had to share.
  8. MichaelYoureAStud

    Feet thread!!

    I want pixs of his feet. In shoes, socks, naked. Whatever, I just wanna see some feet.
  9. MichaelYoureAStud

    Mikey baby pixs

    I know there's the pix of him in the tub. Other than those two are there other baby pixs? :wub:
  10. MichaelYoureAStud

    Mikey and Bubbles

    Can you all help with pixs of Michael with Bubbles?
  11. MichaelYoureAStud

    reading glasses help

    Hello ladies!! I'm looking for pixs of Michael wearing his reading glasses. I have to start wearing some too. Figure it will make me feel better and not like sure a nerd.
  12. MichaelYoureAStud

    City lawyer looking for money from memorial LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles city attorney's office is investigating how the city can legally press third parties to pick up at least some of the costs for Michael Jackson's memorial service at the Staples Center...
  13. MichaelYoureAStud

    Limited edition magazine

    Hello my fellow fans! There is a magazine called "The Historical Collection" I think it is a new magazine that's only been out for a year or two. They only put this out when something historical happens. They have put one out for Michael's passing. you can order it here...
  14. MichaelYoureAStud

    Moving van at Neverland

    Yahoo news just posted this: Moving van makes delivery to Jackson's Neverland LOS OLIVOS, Calif. – A moving van has arrived at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch to drop off what the driver says are a few small items. The truck pulled up outside the ranch's front gate Tuesday morning and the...
  15. MichaelYoureAStud

    Michael's Dr. hires lawyer LOS ANGELES – A Houston lawyer says his firm has been hired by the doctor who reportedly was with Michael Jackson when the pop star was fatally stricken in his Los Angeles home. William M. Stradley, a partner in the firm of...